Bellefonte senior seeks big chair

Bellefonte senior seeks big chair

Muse, Tyler



Now that his 13 year tenure of being in the Bellefonte Area School District is almost up, senior Max Kroell is running to take one of the five chairs open for School Director for the School Board. The decision to run came in October of 2018 when he was sitting in on one of the bimonthly school board meetings. As of March 1, the name Max O. Kroell can be found on the ballot for the upcoming school board election.

Being President of the Class of 2019, Max has proven his dedication to the Bellefonte High School in many ways, most known by sending school-wide emails to keep everyone updated and having a Remind for winter weather closings and delays. Max cares deeply about the district and it has been very influential on his life. Max feels that “no other public office has such a profound impact on future generations like the position of School Director.”

“I think the school deserves the best and I want to make sure that our students and educators are always the priority. Education, especially public education, shapes the future, I want to be a part of something bigger than myself and continue in our progress forward in educating young minds to be the leaders of tomorrow,” Max stated.

Superintendent Dr. Michelle Saylor describes Max as a “team player” and a “leader.”

Max is doing a great job as a liaison between building administration and the student population. He makes sure his information is accurate and checks in with administration to make sure his communication is appropriate and applicable.  He is dedicated to our district. His behaviors are evidence of his professionalism within his role as Class President,” Dr. Saylor said.

What Max wants to bring to the school board is a “fresh perspective.” Max wants all decisions to benefit everyone and he wants people to know that he is going to fight for the people to make sure all decisions are thought out and given a thorough understanding before being made. Having a recent graduate like Max would benefit both the students and the board.

“I feel I can bring the perspective as to what the students are facing and solve these challenges that are often times missed by the school board,” Max said.

Max is a part of the BASD Construction Committee, which is the committee where they discuss the new elementary school process. Max feels that if he is elected, he can “guide” the process of the elementary school decision, whether it be all the schools get renovated or there becomes a joint elementary school. He wants to make sure all teachers will have the resources they need to make a positive learning environment for the students.

Dr. Saylor reflects as to why Max was chosen to be a part of this committee.

“As Senior Class president, and with a significant interest and investment in our overall community he was asked, along with Halle Mitchell (as representative to the School Board) to be part of the committee, if they were interested in taking on this responsibility.  Elementary students have been asked their thoughts through my student advisory groups.”

What Max wants to put into effect the most is for the board to sit down and review its bullying and harassment rules. Max would like to continue making steps within the district to fix this problem.

“Programs like Raider Revolution have done wonders to reduce the rates of bullying and harassment and should be commended for their efforts and successes. I also give the Board of Directors and administration credit for doing their best to combat these issues, as it is no easy task, but there is still a lot of work to be done. No child should ever have to worry about being bullied or harassed, and every building in the Bellefonte Area School District should be a positive learning environment,” Max said.

Max isn’t running for school board for himself, he is running to ensure that the students and staff are happy with decisions that are made and for everyone’s voice to be heard.

“Bellefonte and it’s students are capable of great things, and it would be an honor to help facilitate that, and help those young minds achieve their dreams, and solve the challenges of tomorrow.”

With all of Max’s qualifications, including President of Class of 2019, BASD Construction Committee member, Spanish Honor Society Social Chairperson, Safety Committee Member, National Honor Society Member, Raider Revolution Senior Student Coach, among many others, Max has made acquaintances with a lot of the students and knows they all deserve the best.

“I think it’s wonderful that he wants to undertake the responsibility and challenge.  He is thoughtful, logical, he does his research, civic minded, and he has the best interest of our students at heart.  He is dedicated and knows how to prioritize information and tasks and understands the parameters of the Board’s work. He would be a fresh perspective that is always welcomed,” Dr. Saylor said.