AP Exam study tips



Studying for AP exams can be very stressful, but there is more than one way to conquer and successfully overcome these big tests.

The key is to focus on the areas where you find your understanding is weak and help it grow stronger. Ivywise.com suggests taking the notes that teachers write on the board all while organizing study sessions with a group of friends. If you’re looking into making a study plan, both Albert.io and Prepscholar.com recommend ways to start one before exam day so you’re easily prepared. Facing AP exams can be very difficult, but with these tips, you might even score higher than you expected.

Step One: Write it down.

Write down everything your teacher has on the board, and take notes on what they tell you to write down. Making a study plan can be very useful when it comes to the weeks leading up to the big exam. Try to write the information down as soon as you get it, or else there’s a chance you’re going to end up forgetting it later on. Also, teachers have a way of dropping small hints of essential information for upcoming tests or quizzes. If they tell you how important it is, then it will, without a doubt, be on the test. Be sure to write everything down so you have more to study from than just a textbook or a Powerpoint.

Step Two: Make a study plan.

Start by planning out which days to study and which times to review based on what you already know. Come up with a schedule and start writing your definite plans down first. There is no need to be too specific, but you need to get the general idea when organizing it all out. The majority of it should be spent reviewing the content and the other smaller half should be for practice exams and your study time. If you get organized with a schedule and are dedicated to studying when you have the time, you will be able to do exceptionally well when the exam arrives.Step Three: Study with your friends.

Organize study sessions, work together with one another, and quiz each other. Try to schedule a meeting session more than once if you are planning to get together to study. Make flashcards, outline ideas for any essay questions, or try reviewing again after learning new content. You might also choose to review material with your siblings or parents, too.

Step Four: Talk to your teachers.

Along with your friends, meet with your teachers too. They are the perfect resource for any exam tips or any study materials. Ask your teachers about any after-school study sessions they offer and plan to attend as many as you can. Before you meet with your teacher, assemble a clarification list so if there is any questions, your teacher can answer them for you when you meet after school. Even your friends could stay after school and help you too.

When the big exam comes up, you are going to need to feel prepared and calm. After all, the hard work you had dedicated into your study time will pay off.