Bellefonte’s take on “Mamma Mia!”


The Drama Department will hold their annual spring performance on April 25-27 and this year is not one to miss.

The popular“Mamma Mia” will be this year’s show, and the entire cast is hard at work to provide another jaw-dropping production.

Mamma Mia follows the story of a young girl named Sophie getting married in the Greek Islands. Sophie invites three of Donna’s (Sophie’s mother) past lovers in hopes of figuring out who her father might be. Donna and her friends, Tanya and Rosie, play a large role in the planning of her daughter’s wedding. Throughout Mamma Mia, Sophie secretly tries to find her father to be there on her special day.

Junior Natalie Book plays the lead role of Sophie in the production.

“Mamma Mia is a show that just puts a smile on your face,” Natalie said. “The atmosphere is so energized as everyone is active in both lead roles and ensemble.”

“I am so grateful to be a part of it,” Natalie said.

Senior Halle Mitchell plays the role of Donna.. Halle looks forward to being a part of the production and seeing Bellefonte’s take on the popular film.

“Most people love and know the movie, and we have the incredible opportunity to recreate these characters and make them our own,” Halle said.

The Drama crew spends a large amount of time rehearsing the routines and songs of the show to ensure everything is perfect for opening night.

“The part I enjoy the most is the musical numbers,” Halle said. “What we have been doing with them really brings the show to life.”

“This show has so much involvement in it, and everyone’s hard work will show that.”

Senior Anna Scott plays the role of Tanya, one of Donna’s friends, in the production.

Anna describes that her favorite part about being involved in the production are the friendships that one can form, and the “opportunity to share a unique and joy-filled story with an audience.”

“This is an extremely unique, dedicated, and talented group of people that will put their entire hearts and souls into making this the best production it can be,” Anna said.

“We all genuinely enjoy what we do and being with each other.

Junior Tyler Muse plays the role of Sky in the musical, Sophie’s fiance. Tyler expresses that the most enjoyable part of being in the production is having the ability to “bring a popular movie to life.”

“The dances for this show are outstanding and super fun, and will look amazing for the audience,” Tyler said.

Fine Arts Department Chair and Director of Choirs and Theatre Mr. Eric Brinser has dedicated his time to directing this year’s production. Mr. Brinser believes that Mamma Mia is the perfect choice for this year’s musical.

“I looked over the cast and the personal that we have, and it fit my requirements of a more modern show, rock-style singing, and [Mamma Mia] was a good compliment to some other shows we’ve done as well,” Mr. Brinser said.

Mr. Brinser is impressed with this year’s cast, and the dedication they have poured into the production already.

“What’s been most impressive to me is the energy and the focus that they’ve [the crew] had,” Mr. Brinser said. “The students this year especially seem very in tuned to everything, and really excited about what’s going on. I’m excited for the students to showcase what they have been working on.”

Students can expect to buy tickets for Mamma Mia two weeks before the show online at the Theatre pages on the Bellefonte Area High School website, or at the doors on any show date.