Pandora’s finest


Travel to the world of Pandora from the movie Avatar with Bellefonte Area High School’s Indoor Majorettes and their indoor show. A world unlike our own, uninhabited by humans, the show’s spectacular display sets Bellefonte’s team out from among all the others. Yet, this isn’t the first time Bellefonte’s Indoor Majorettes have put forth a jaw-dropping display for the public and judges alike.

The BAHS Indoor Majorette team has a reputation of doing incredible things during and even outside the time of indoor season. In the last seven years, the team has won their chapter championship six times, even qualifying for the regional championship competition with each chapter championship win. The team has ascended to the second highest competition bracket available to high school teams, second highest only to the “world” competition level. Just last year, the team only missed the required amount of points to qualify for the “world” status at chapters by .1 of a point.

“I think our team is very strong technically and in terms of teamwork. They all work very well together. They’re just a good group to be around and they’re a lot of fun and that reflects on the floor because they perform well because they are able to bond that way. There is always room for improvement. I am their biggest critique and they know that. I think that overall they are a very advanced team, especially for this area and even throughout the state,” Majorette coach and science teacher Mrs. Arimani Davy said.

Apart from the Tournament Indoor Association (TIA), there is also another association that the girls are a part of. This is called the National Baton Twirling Association (NBTA). It was here that, for the last two years, the team has defended their state championship twirling title for their division. They first won over the title with their show entitled “She’s The Man,” a soccer themed show for the competitions State Halftime High School category at states in 2017. Then, just last year, they had their “Drumline” themed show in the same exact category and came out on top. This year, they are looking forward to states yet again in April, excited to hopefully gain another state title with their “NASCAR Speedway” themed show.

“Our team is very unique this year. Our best competitions are when we communicate as a team. I can’t even explain how great it feels to come off the floor with a great show. Especially when we feed off of each other’s energy the whole way through the show,” senior Natalie Giacobe said.

This year’s captain, senior Lissi Pryzbys, leads her team in the competitions during the season along with the other senior members: Olivia Fisher, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Giacobe, and Natalie Giacobe. Both Lissi and Olivia have been on the team for seven years, while Lizzie and Natalie have been on the team for six. In total, their team has 11 members. Each member of the team plays a vital role in the performance, and each individual member is respected for their skills and the effort put forth to make not just the team, but the show, spectacular.

“Over the past seven years, I have gotten to twirl with a group of girls who have definitely shaped me into the person and twirler I am today. They’ve not only pushed themselves, but pushed each other to better their abilities. We’ve won five Chapter Championships and an unforgettable amount of memories. While my time with this team is sadly coming to an end, there is still two more titles for us to hopefully grab, and in the future, I am excited to see the amazing twirlers and people that this team can become,” Lissi said.

This team is more than just a team. It’s a home away from home and a family for the girls. Thanks to the school, this team is able to go off and prosper. They are able to win these titles and build these relationships. They are able to get better together and move forward together as friends and teammates.

“I am very proud of them and I hope that they know that. I think that I am so blessed to be able to coach at this school because we have such a strong program and such a strong group of kids and a lot of that stems from our Fine Arts Department. We have a really really strong Fine Arts aura in Bellefonte and a very supportive administration and staff and I think that it stems down all the way to my Majorettes. Hopefully they know that I am very very thankful to have my job,” Mrs. Davy said.