Ivy league paradise



Despite having loads of school work to makeup when I got back, going to Columbia University has been my favorite trip of the year.

Every year, the journalism class takes the editors up the the university to go to sessions regarding journalism and yearbook for three days. The sessions start at 8 and end at around 3:15, being around 45 minutes per session with an hour and a half lunch. so it’s basically a school day but I got to pick where I wanted to go. It’s a lot like actually going to college, but without the stress and parties.

Most of the “professors” in the sessions are actually really nice and fun. My favorite has been the same for two years now because Nick Palenski does a really good job at relating to his audience while taking the job seriously and making sure everyone is paying attention.

While I have always had a love for journalism and learning as much as possible for the subject, my favorite part of the trip was definitely the free time afterwards. The first day, we just did a bunch of shopping and exploring Times Square, which is always something I’m down for. The second day however, we went to go visit the new monument, The Vessel, which was beautiful. There were a ton of staircases but the view when we got to the top was absolutely worth it; we could basically see the entire city.

Overall, I’m disappointed that this was my last time going on this trip; I have always looked forward to the days where I could pretend to be an Ivy league student. I hope the future editors of this paper enjoy it as much as I did and want to continue the tradition of going there.