The brothers are back



They’ve been to the year 3000, but they are back now. Six years after the Jonas Brothers split, they released a comeback single, “Sucker,” on March 1, revealing that the band is back together. It was announced on social media on February 28 by host of the Late Late Show, James Corden, that the band was back. It was then announced by each brother, Joe, Nick, and Kevin, that their new song would be coming out and that the band was back together. The Jonas Brothers social media pages were reactivated, where they recreated their famous “How the Tables Have Turned” video.

Along with announcement of their comeback, James Corden announced “Jonas Week,” on the Late Late Show for the week of March 4-8. The week consisted of skits, a carpool karaoke episode, and on the final night the TV debut performance of, “Sucker.” Also announced during the episode of the carpool karaoke was that Amazon Prime will be releasing a documentary on the band’s comeback and upcoming tour.

“Sucker” debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 100 for the week of March 16. The song became the brothers first number one on the charts. Back in 2008, the band had two top 10’s: “Burnin Up,” which peaked at number 5, and, “Tonight,” which peaked at number eight. The band had two number one debuting hits on the Billboard Top 200 with their albums, “A Little Bit Longer,” released in 2008, and, “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times,” released in 2009. Sophomore album, “Jonas Brothers,” peaked at number five in 2007. The album, “Jonas L.A.,” from their hit Disney Channel TV show peaked at number seven in 2010 and the album, “The 3D Concert Experience” from their concert movie peaked at number three in 2009.

On Friday, April 5, the band’s new song, “Cool”, was released. That night, rumors started spreading that Joe Jonas was going to perform at Champs Downtown in State College. That night at around 10 o’clock, it was announced that all three Jonas Brothers and the “Jonas Sisters”, aka the brothers wives and fiance’s, landed at the University Park Airport. It was announced by the sisters by Instagram stories saying they were all in town by taking a picture of the six of them in front of Beaver Stadium. The brothers then went to Champs where they performed some of their hits. They started the surprise show with their hit, “Year 3000” and played other oldies including, “Burnin Up”, “SOS”, and “LoveBug”. They also played their new songs, “Sucker”, and performed the live debut of new song, “Cool”.

Before their performance, Penn State head football coach, James Franklin, gave the three brothers and the three “sisters” official white Penn State football jerseys. He also invited them to the upcoming White Out game for the brothers to see, “how we party in State College”.

With both Joe and Nick continuing music after the band’s split, they both were able to create hits that would hit the charts. With Nick Jonas’s solo career, his breakout single, “Jealous,” peaked at number seven in 2015. His second single, “Chains,” from his debut album, “Nick Jonas,” peaked at number 13. From his second album, “Last Year Was Complicated,” lead single, “Close” peaked at number 14 in 2016. With Joe’s band, “DNCE,” their debut single, “Cake By The Ocean,” peaked at number nine in 2016 along with their second single, “Toothbrush,” from debut album, “DNCE,” peaking at 44.