Red and White’s Easy Guide to Summer Fashion


As summer arrives, we anticipate that fun, carefree summer look. Fashion can be a lot to delve into all at once, so let’s break it up a bit. We can start with shirts, then shorts and skirts, dresses, shoes, and finally makeup and accessories:

Sneakers and Sandals

White sneakers have had their foot in the door since August of 2018, but this year they’ve made it into the mainstream. They can be chic and daring, or playful and stylish, depending on the outfit they’re paired with. Sandals with cork wedges are creeping back into our lives. Birkenstocks are also very present in our lives and it seems like they aren’t going away anytime soon, but hey, we aren’t complaining.

Need purses for your outfits this summer? Look for circular woven purses to match the Bohemian theme of summer. Colors like bright yellow, blush, or coral colors work nicely with any summertime outfit. terms of makeup we are living for pink and glossy looks this season. Look for natural styled eyebrows and pink blush all over. Light lip colors are in.

Catherine K
Loving these floral pattern shorts for the hot days ahead.

Patterns and Prints

The styles for the Summer of 2019 are floral print on everything to really celebrate the spirit of bloom. This summer we’re sure to see lots of white and yellow shirts with a lettuce style cut along the sleeves. Loose fitting cropped graphic tees are all the rage this season; they’re cute and won’t drain your wallet. Tie dye is making a comeback in a big way and you can make your own tie dye style shirts in your own backyard. Expect to see cherry print on everything this summer. Polka Dots are also making a comeback…but then again, did they ever really leave? Beach-styled stripes can be a classic Bohemian look that works for any occasion.

Catherine K
We are living for this summery, breezy shirt.

Shorts and Skirts

For shorts, look for all things light washed and high waisted. Feel like your shorts are missing something? Try grabbing some fabric paint at your local art store and paint your own design on the back pockets. Now your shorts are fun, artsy, and personal to you. Shorts with patches are a look that’s sure to turn heads. Can’t find shorts with patches on them? It won’t take much searching to find patches at an arts a crafts store or even at a Wal-Mart near you. That’s one more personalized look you can do yourself. If we’re talking skirts, expect to see jean skirts and corduroy. If you’re looking for more of a sundress style skirt, keep an eye out for longer flowy skirts with a pattern.


Catherine K.
Check out these fun, light-washed pants for summer.