Controversial show comes back with a third and not final season


*Contains spoilers, discussion of suicide, and other sensitive topics. 


After two seasons that led to a brutal backlash, “Thirteen Reasons Why” just released a new season. While the first two seasons focused more on character, Hannah Baker’s death and the trial afterwards, the third season took a new turn. After the death of Bryce Walker, it’s a man hunt to figure out who or what killed him. 

In the first season, Bryce Walker was the character who basically helped contribute to the suicide of Hannah Baker, the leading female role. Although many things had contributed to it, Bryce was definitely one of the scenes we remember the most. 

Bryce had managed to cause chaos in both seasons one and two, however, in season three, things took a different turn. It’s rumored that Bryce is on the run, and then later, that he’s dead. These rumors become true as the season continues, and it’s a manhunt to figure out who or what killed him and how justice should be served. This leads to a lot of conflict within the series, between characters and their secrets. It causes kids to hide any and all drugs, lots and lots of fights, finding alibis, and many more.

The casting of the show, although it’s been the same for all seasons, is ever so fitting. All of the actors fill their spots perfectly and express what, in my opinion, seems like just the right amount of emotion. 

For example, Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce. Filling the role of Bryce is a very tedious task as he’s considered a villian throughout the first two seasons and depending on your perception, also early into the third season. Justin does an amazing job of carrying out Bryce’s role without crossing lines and showing too many emotions.

Overall, the season was very confusing. It was cluttered and we were constantly jumping between present time and the time when Bryce was alive with no real indication of where we

 were in the story. The only way we knew if it was present or past was by the color filter on show, but even that wasn’t that noticeable and you would only know if it changed colors by the sudden jump cut and change of scenes.

Honestly, I really can’t tear into this series. It was so beautifully portrayed as its own show with such an interesting and real theme. It touches on issues that many high schoolers across America go through, if they’ll admit it or not. Yes, I know the series can over exaggerate the issues, but it gives society a real look into what it’s like to be a teenager now and the struggles they go through, which a lot of teens find that others need to see.