Records broken, goals achieved



On September 18, senior Mallorie Smith achieved her goal of kicking 100 goals on the girls varsity soccer team in a double overtime game against Tyrone. 

Mallorie is a multi-sport athlete, but has played soccer for many years. She fell in love with soccer at age five, particularly how the sport was able to bring people together, and since her freshman year has kept a chalkboard in her room with her personal goals and Bellefonte records she wanted to beat. Each time she scored, Mallorie would go home and add a circle to her chalkboard. 

Mallorie first broke the all-time school record of 57 goals during her sophomore year, setting her next goal to kick 100 goals. 

“This was many years in the making and I’m so blessed that all of my hard work paid off and that both me and my teammates can celebrate this awesome accomplishment,” Mallorie said. 

Coach Stacey Miller believes Mallorie contributes greatly to the team’s success in every game. 

She is super competitive and has a knack for finding the back of the net and scoring goals.  She’s fast, creative, and works hard. In practices she sets the stage by working hard and exhibiting a good work ethic for other players to follow.  In games, she leads by example and works hard to score, or set up her fellow teammates to score,” Coach Miller said. 

Mallorie has been an asset to her team since ninth grade and has continued to work hard each year. 

Mallorie has improved greatly since her freshman year.  Each year, Mallorie sets a goal for herself. Once she accomplishes one goal – she sets another.  The most recent of those goals was to score 100 goals in her career. Only Mallorie knows what the next goal on her list is,” Coach Miller said. 

To get where she is now, Mallorie has pushed herself outside of practice to prepare for each game, both helping herself and her teammates.

I just study who my opponent is and how we can pick apart the team to be able to be successful. I also pump up my teammates and get everyone hyped up on game days,” she said. 

Off the soccer field, Mallorie works equally as hard in her academics, keeping her grades up and participating in challenging classes. She is super excited about her senior year and cannot wait to finish out the rest of this season with her girls, Tara Woomer and Mackenzie Hubbs. 

Mallorie would like her teammates to remember her as a motivator and someone who could play the game, but make it fun for everyone involved. 

“You only play in high school for four quick years. Don’t waste any time not having fun.”