THIS is Halloween



Halloween is celebrated by over 175 million Americans every year. People love to decorate with ghouls and ghosts, jack o’lanterns, skeletons, and everything imaginable. Everyone looks forward to the last day of the month of October. Many people have always circled the date on their calendar, whether it be kids excited to dress up and head out on the town, or it be parents and adults who still have to buy that bag of bite-sized Snickers to hand out. People, however, like to believe that this wonderful holiday should fall on a Saturday every year; this idea is constantly drowned out by people who disagree, one of those people being me.

Of course, opinions on the matter can vary, and people are constantly going back and forth about it, but why not state facts? According to Wikipedia, Halloween falls on October 31 because it is the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day; this is why Halloween is also called Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, and All Saints’ Eve. If the date were to be moved to a Saturday, it would take away the entire purpose.

And think about it: Sometimes, the last day of the month falls on a Friday. So would people honestly be happy trick-or-treating on Saturday a week early, or on the first day of November? And people have thoughts that correlate solely to the last day of the month. People have the belief that on this day, supernatural beings and spirits roam the Earth, and need to be appeased. If the day is changed, then those who truly believe in this will have no way to “appease” the beings roaming in the world with nowhere to go.

Other than this, why break tradition? Halloween has always landed on the last day of the month every single year. Sure, people work, but plenty of adults also work on the weekends, so moving the holiday to a Saturday would make no difference. Yes, it is a solid 30%, so it isn’t too big of an amount; however, there are people who work overtime, or take extra work days, adding to their hours. It could even make it difficult for people who work solely on weekends instead of during the week. What are those parents to do? Nobody would want to see their child upset, staying home alone, while their friends dress up and go to collect the free sweets from neighbors.

Believe whatever you want to believe; I can’t stop you. However, I personally believe that having Halloween on the 31st of the month is much more convenient than the Saturday after.