Hard work pays off


Known for his involvement in a variety of activities in Bellefonte and his friendly personality, senior Nicholas Catalano will be a student Bellefonte High will remember. 

Nick is involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), National Honor Society (NHS), Raider Nation, football, and baseball. Nick has learned many things that will benefit him in the future from the clubs he takes part in.

“Almost all of my clubs have prepared me for the future, with FBLA teaching me leadership, business, and marketing skills. NHS provides me networking and public service opportunities, and both baseball and football help me grow as an individual,” Nick said. 

These qualities will especially help him after high school as he continues to seek a higher education and possibly major in either Mechanical Engineering or Sports Management. 

“I have always excelled in math and science, so along with my strong interest in cars, I felt like  a major in Mechanical Engineering would challenge me while allowing me to pursue a job I would enjoy. As for Sports Management, my interest grew for this field after my visit to Syracuse University where I learned a lot more about the program and realized it could be a good fit for me,” Nick said. 

Biology teacher Mr. Christopher Freidhoff had Nick as a student and appreciates how studious he is. 

“Nick is going to be very successful in the future because of his personality and his work ethic. Nick has a very bright and uplifting personality that radiates to everyone he works with,” Mr. Freidhoff said. 

Mr. Freidhoff also enjoyed having Nick as a student last year due to his dedication to his school work and his performance in class. 

“Nick was one of my best students last year for many reasons. He is a deep thinker when it comes to material. He would ask complex and thoughtful questions during class that showed he understood the material and was thinking about how it applied to his life. Nick is also a very dedicated student who would come to study sessions and would work very diligently during class,” Mr. Freidhoff said. 

Nick’s friends describe him as being very kind hearted and someone who always looks out for others. He is someone that people can rely on when they need help. 

“Nick is very caring towards everyone and is always down to do fun things. He is also very smart and willing to give advice whenever someone needs it. My favorite memory is going to the movies as a big group of friends and then all squeezing into his car and dancing to music in the parking lot,” senior Olivia Reiter said.

Nick has some important roles on the football team. He plays cornerback defensively and receiver offensively. He also plays on the other teams that varies weekly based on what they need. He is a big help on the team and someone the other players can look up to. 

“Nick possesses many qualities that bring tremendous value on and off the field. Nick is able to inspire others by setting a positive example at times. He shows up everyday prepared to work hard and do his job to the best of his ability. His commitment to improving daily and adaptability make him a tremendous leader on the field, in the classroom, and in our community,” Coach Manning said.