Running for red and white



You’re 100 yards away from the finish line, blood pumping through your veins. You’re breathing heavy, your opponent is hot on your tail. You pick up your speed so you don’t get passed. You cross the finish line and you get to relax and catch your breath. That is the fall sport we all know as cross country.

In the fall of the 2019-2020 school year, the cross country season began at BAHS. Last year, the Bellefonte varsity cross country team was successful. They now have hopes to be just as successful this year.

“I hope that this season can come as close as possible to my freshman and sophomore years. I had a rough season last year and want to redeem myself in my last season,” senior Amber Shirey said.

Amber has been on the cross country team for all four years of high school. Amber is a leader on the team this year along with senior Natalie Book. 

The team is working hard and hopes to be as successful this year as they were last year. The team has struggled to overcome obstacles, but hopes that these obstacles will be resolved by districts in October.

“Our teams have had some trouble this year with injuries. It’s tough getting injured during the beginning of the season, but it would be worse if those injuries came about around districts,” Amber said.

The team is successful from all the hard work they put in at practice while making it fun and enjoyable.

“Our team likes to joke around and always keep light-hearted energy present. We also are very supportive and enjoy cheering each other on,” Amber said.

For being a sport where they constantly run, the practices consist of conditioning themselves to beat their opponents on many different types of courses. The team practices hard hoping every day that they will improve their time.

Our team’s strengths are mainly that most of the team are very close together in speed which lets us push eat other to get faster,” junior Austin Melius said.

The team is excited for their season. Their first meet was on September 10. The girls record from last year was 4-2 and the boys record was 3-3. The team hopes to exceed the previous record. The boys and girls current record is both 5-1. The team has high expectations for the rest of the season in hopes of winning mountain league or districts.

I think the boys and girls team has a good chance of either winning the Mountain League Championship meet or definitely getting second place.  I also think that many of the boys will be sub 19:00 for a 5K by the end of the season. We are expecting to have runners at the State meet in Hershey as well,” Cross Country Coach Mrs. Carla Cipro said. 

Junior Austin Melius and sophomore Mia Elmore made the State meet. They will both be competing on Saturday, November 2. As the season comes to an end, the team hopes to finish the season out strong as the seniors will be competing in their last meets of their high school careers.