BAHS 2019 Summer Trip to Italy and Greece



Imagine the crystal clear blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Imagine seeing the invigorating structures of the acropolis in Athens. Imagine all of the delicious food Italy and Greece can offer you. 

The Italy and Greece trip, hosted by AP Psychology and history teacher Mrs. Christine Morris and AP US History and government teacher Mr. Matt Martin, served as quite the trip to remember for a group of 14 BAHS students. With their nearly overloaded 10-day schedule, this trip left a mark on everyone who went. 

“We had so many positive experiences. The tour guide made the students have an even more memorable trip. EF tours had everything organized for us, and they went out of their way to make this journey amazing,” Mrs. Morris said.

The students were encouraged to participate in four different fundraisers to help with the $3,953 cost of the trip. Their efforts were not wasted, since the proceeds from the fundraisers were nearly enough to help 14 students, 8 parents, and 2 chaperones spend 10 days in Italy and Greece.

On the first, second, and third day, the group visited Athens to tour the city and went to Syntagma Square to see the changing of the guard. On the fourth day, they left Greece and had more of a relaxed energy as they had lunch on a ferry to Italy. Then, on day five, they visited St.Nicholas Basilica, enjoyed street food in the square, and drove to Sorrento. Then on day six, which proved to be the trip favorite, they traveled to Capri. 

“I think the students really enjoyed touring the island of Capri,” Mrs. Morris said.

Senior Anna Simmons remembers the beauty of the island as well.

“We went on a guided ferry to tour around the island. We visited a garden and had free time to either swim or look around,” she said. 

Continuing back up on their travels, they visited the Colosseum, which senior Nick Edwards describes as his favorite activity. 

“It provided the most interest to me. The architectural structure was a beautiful sight,” Nick said.

Then on the ninth day, they had a free day in Rome, just to explore the city. After nine days, on day ten all students had to leave Italy and Greece.

“I would definitely recommend this trip to other students. You get to see things that you wouldn’t be able to any other time,” junior Logan Naspinski said.

Mr. Martin described this trip as “unforgettable.”

“We were lucky to tour two beautiful countries with incredible history and delicious food. It was hard to go home. Many of us have talked amongst ourselves about the desire to go back. Thank you [to the] Bellefonte School District for supporting international travel,” he said.