The Canadian cat killer

Samantha Grieb, Website Manager


***Warning: This show contains R-rated material. Content may be disturbing to some viewers.***

The tale of Luka Magnotta begins in the year 2010, with a YouTube video called 1 Boy, 2 Kittens. If you’ve watched the documentary, you know what video I’m talking about; the video that started it all. With in this video, two kittens were killed by what was later considered a psychopath of a man, who would go on to kill multiple more kittens, a puppy, and a person. This man’s name was Luka Magnotta and he would go down as one of the most well-known Canadian serial killers.

Upon the upload of this video, the internet reacted harshly, obviously, because the cats were at stake. Threats against Luka began flooding in, and the hunt began. Thousands upon thousands of online users began hunting down this cat killer, wanting nothing more than to take him down. 

From this point on, the documentary began. Netflix put up a limited time series on the home page of most users’ accounts. The popularity of the show wasn’t the best and honestly, it was a really hard documentary to watch. The amount of brutal force and animal abuse against animals creates a very strong trigger for anyone who watches it.

On top of the animal abuse, there was the issue of the actual killing. Luka Magnotta would eventually reach the level of killing other people, sparking outrage in the Canadian government. Luka would mail body parts to government buildings as well, creating a manhunt for the cat killer.

The documentary didn’t leave any part out. You were gripped with the shocking reality of the mind of a psychopath. Every part of the killing was documented, every step Luka took. Interviews with detectives and the original officers on the case from the beginning were recorded and placed into the documentary as well, showing the impact the killing really had on normal, sane-minded people.

However, the documentary would not cover the actual police work for the majority of the film. The film would start, and end with, the people who traced and busted Luka before anyone else: The internet hunters. These groups of people were tracking Luka from the start. Although it started as a global effort, a group of 5-8 people were continuously trying to find him, spending nights upon nights, days upon days, trying to bring justice to the lives lost.

 Overall, the documentary did an amazing job covering the story of Luka Magnotta. Although breaking the whole purpose of the killings of Luka, which is revealed in the show, it covered everything in a flawless way, covering every aspect. There were strong trigger moments but it rightfully gave more light globally to how the internet can be used in a negative way; even leading to death.