Boys basketball: January update

Amaya Rothrock


With a record of 5-9, this years basketball season is approaching the end. The team has had their struggles with the season, but overcame them and made improvements. They have some big goals set for the future and they are working on making improvements every day at practice. 

“There has been a lot of ups and downs this year. Our goal this year is to win districts, but we can’t win that until the end of the season. I have definitely seen improvements in how we play more as a team, and we communicate a lot better,” senior Trae Bauman said. 

 The team has increased their effort since the beginning of the season and they are continuing to become more confident in how they play and work together.

“The season was off to a rough start, but we have been improving and getting better as the season goes on. I think throughout the season we have become more unified as a team and that has helped us compete even better,” senior Shaun Carey said. 

The point that the team has grown really close will help them win a district championship. 

“Our goal is to win a district championship. It will take a lot of work, but I think that we can get there,” Shaun said. 

Coach Kris Glunt looks forward to watching the boys grow and become the best versions of themselves while playing basketball. He also pointed out that he wants to see them continue to stick together and compete well together throughout the final third of the season.

Coach Glunt also pointed out that senior Ben McCartney has been an important figure on the team.

“Ben has been prolific for us offensively, using his skillset to help carry the scoring load on many nights,” he said. 

Ben has been working through the season with a positive mindset. His main goal has been to just have fun and work with his team. 

“I have played with a completely new group of kids this year and it has been a good time so that has been my accomplishment,” he said. 

The boys have four games left as they work their way towards Districts. Their next game will be an away game today, January 31 at 7:00 p.m. Be sure to go and cheer them on as they take on Huntington. 

“I hope the season will end with good experiences,” Ben said.