Survival Guide to a Single Valentine’s Day

Jillian McKee


Hesitation.Togetherness. Loneliness. Valentine’s Day: A love-hate holiday.

Spending a day alone is not always a bad thing, ladies and gentlemen. There are lots of fun ways to go about this sometimes dreaded day. For starters, you don’t have to be all alone on this day. Nothing is better than a girls’ night with your squad.

Squad goals are very real. A few ideas to do with the ladies can vary from getting acrylics at the local salon or crying a river while watching the Notebook. You could also have an old-fashioned sleepover and add face masks and junk food. 

So get Beyonce on, Dominos Pizza ordered, and the pillow fights going. 

Play the artist and order the food to your own taste. 

Not in the mood for a night in? A night out with the crew is an option too. Go to the mall, buy a piece of new clothing, and get your hair done. There’s lots of places to go and things to try. 

Wanting some alone time is also a common need for us singles on this lonesome day. Bake some brownies, watch some Netflix, and take cute selfies for the gram, ‘cause this night is YOUR night! 

And for the guys? You might also choose to get some outdoor time to relieve your pent up stress.  Doing stuff like mountain rides, dirt bikes, hunting, and fishing can help alleviate this. In place of face masks and pillow fights, you might play PS4 and watch ESPN. 

February 14 is a day for everyone to feel special in some way on this ordinary day.