The impact of Fine Lines by Styles

Emma Simmon


On December 13 last year, Harry Styles, a British singer-songwriter, released his second studio album as his solo career parting from One Direction, Fine Line, a 12-track album. According to Billboard at, Fine Line peaked at #1 according to Billboard 200 Chart on December 28. The album has also brought Styles a Brit Award for MasterCard British Album of the year nomination.

When One Direction went on hiatus, he struck his own  2017 solo debut. Producing Harry Styles last year on May 12, a 10-track, pop album. Although every member has branched out into their solo opportunities, Harry is widening his listeners, and having an eventful career. Harry has proven to be a very successful individual, with having 31,260,872 monthly listeners on Spotify and hosting the Met Gala.

Since the release of Fine Line, Harry has spoken about the albums meaning to him in interviews. Harry during an interview for Rolling Stone said that Fine Line includes, “the toughest, most soulful songs he’s written yet.” He’s received many good reviews for Fine Line. Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone stated, “Fine Line is the soulful, expansive, joyous pop masterpiece Styles has been reaching forever since he blew up nearly 10 years ago.”

Styles released “Lights Up” on October, 11 before initially releasing it on the Fine Line album. Listeners have made many speculations as to what the real meaning of the song meant.

Listeners have translated that Styles was making an ambiguous statement about his gender identity and sexuality, nothing is to be confirmed by Styles himself, but Styles is said to be fearless in his own self-discovery and the release date falls upon LGBTQ+ national Coming Out Day. 

Also on the Fine Line track, Styles released the song “She,” which has also led listeners to make their own deductions about Style’s identity.

It’s also hinted in a  few songs that Styles wrote about his previous relationships. The song “Cherry” was written for his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe.

Something that can be said about Fine Line is it’s a significant understanding of Styles and his personal life. Fine Line is available on platforms such as Spotify, Play Music, Amazon Music and other platforms.