BAHS senior’s inside scoop on URBN Flavour Haus

Connor Bernier, Reporter

Are you looking for a morning pick-me-up? Or maybe a Friday night ice cream run? How about a nice Sunday brunch with friends? 

A new spot just opened up in town and the social media ratings have been through the roof. URBN Flavour Haus is an all-round cafe-style restaurant, serving everything from specialty lattes to burgers and shakes. 

You may be asking why I care so much about this place, or why I know so much about the restaurant and the people who run it. Well, it’s because I work there. Not only am I employed there, but I have been at URBN Flavour Haus since day one of our opening, eager and ready to go – even at 6 a.m. on calm summer mornings. 

The owner, Troy Nihart, is a successful business owner and entrepreneur who has been leading the game for years. It all started in 2019 when Mr. Nihart took over the downtown location formerly known as Cool Beans. You may have visited it before, but if you have not been since the remodel, do yourself a favor and see what is new. 

That is not the only location for the business. In July of this year, Mr. Nihart opened his second location at 205 Park Place in Bellefonte. This location includes a drive-through and has been a huge hit in the town, as it is now going onto its second month of being open and is only getting better.

“The local community has responded exceptionally well and our business has been growing week by week,” Mr. Nihart said.

  Mr. Nihart has plans to open up other locations in Lamar and Flemington, PA to expand the brand all across the county and eventually the state.

The staff has been working hard to get the restaurant up and running while balancing their daily lives. One of the managers, Ryan Moats, works day in and day out to ensure everything is running smoothly. He truly enjoys his job as a manager and works by this mindset 24/7.

“Every day is something completely different, and every day as manager, the only choice I have is to try and drive my team to success and hopefully help make a positive impact on someone’s life,” Mr. Moats said. “Being a manager is something I’ve always strived for and I really enjoy serving guests and providing them with a great experience.” 

Not to be outmatched are the wonderful employees and my lively coworkers. The restaurant has drawn in many students from BAHS giving them a flexible schedule and good pay. Senior Samantha Fike also joined the team over the summer and has worked hard ever since.

“I like working there because it’s a fun and healthy environment for everyone to have some good vibes. I have made new friends and love all of my co-workers,” Samantha said.

URBN has brought in a diverse crowd from all around central PA. Since the opening, we have hired many people from different areas and have had customers come all the way from Lock Haven, including two students from Central Mountain High School. 

 An employee, Roxanne Condo, who is a junior at Central Mountain High School, drives almost 30 minutes to work but she still loves her job.

“I’ve made great friends and it’s such a welcoming environment for everyone,” she said.

So if you are looking for a quick bite, a delicious specialty latte, or maybe even some world-famous Ritchey’s ice cream, try URBN Flavour Haus and you might just find your new addiction – because I know I have.