Family through it all

Allison Ivicic, Photo and Graphic Editor

As the 2020 season finally resumes for the Red Raider football team, times are changing and the boys are forced to adapt. 

With strict guidelines regarding COVID-19 put into place, like many, the players were concerned that football season would be cut short. However, as soon as the PIAA announced that athletes were able to play, the team got right to work, taking the necessary precautions. Over the summer, each player had his own bag with him at all times that included a change of clothes, hand sanitizer, a mask, and a water bottle.

The team has a total of 20 seniors, creating a strong sense of leadership. The boys are able to work together to set a good example for the underclassmen. 

“We’ve shown leadership on this year’s team by making sure everyone is following the new rules and guidelines. As well as some captains stepping up and keeping everyone in line,” senior Nick Capparelle said. 

This year’s captains are Ethan Rossman, Jalen Emel, Max Barrier, along with a fourth captain that changes game to game. Max enjoys the captain role and looking out for his teammates.

“Being a captain of the team I have to make sure everyone is giving their all during practice and just try to keep everything organized,” he said. 

Freshman Trevor Johnson appreciates the leadership and guidance that comes with the football team. They have been very welcoming to the new faces on the team.

“It has been a great first year. I have learned a ton of new information and have been welcomed into the Red Raider family,” Trevor said. 

Along with leadership the team has also been setting goals. A popular goal among the group is to make it into Districts. 

“A goal I had for the season was to win Districts and advance to the state playoffs, hopefully making a run,” Nick Capparelle said. 

For this group of seniors it could be their third District win. 

“Our overall goal is to cement our class legacy at BHS. 3 district titles in 4 years is unheard of,” senior Nick Kreger said.  

For Head Coach Shanon Manning, this season comes with many challenges. Creating goals for the team has been difficult through all the fluidity of the safety precautions changing, postponed games, and player safety. 

“Goal number one is to finish the season healthy and show progress each week,” he said. 

Although the team fell short to a 21-13 loss over Tyrone in week one and a 26-14 loss against Central in week two, the players have a positive outlook on the future games.

“I am looking forward to actually winning our first game of the season. It’s been a struggle so far but I’m sure we will get past it,” Nick Capparelle said. 

This team of boys have a bond like no other. They are like family. For junior Jacob Hummel, the best part of the season is spending time with his teammates and having a good time. As well for senior wide receiver Dylan Dann, football is special to him. 

“Being able to spend time with my friends and living every moment on the field with them” are Dylan’s favorite parts of being on the team. 

The team is not taking this season for granted and enjoying every second while they are on the field.

“Running out at Tyrone and playing my first snap of my senior year in that moment it hit me: This is our last year all together,” Nick Kreger said. 

The Varsity team hopes to pull out a win against Penns Valley on October 2, as of press time.