Hybrid vs. Online Education in the senior class

Allison Ivicic, Photo and Graphics Editor

With changing times, Bellefonte Area School District offered two new options for students to choose in regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Those options include: BeLA, Bellefonte’s eLearning Academy and the hybrid option, which allows the student to come to school two days a week and remain online the other three. Of course, the majority of students selected the traditional option, where students attend in-person every day.

For some students going completely online seemed like a simple option that felt the safest amidst a pandemic.  

I decided to do school through BeLA this year because it seemed like a more stable option. I figured that school would close shortly after we went back due to COVID and doing everything online just seemed easier,” senior Annelise King said.

When students are enrolled in BeLA it creates a more independent lifestyle. 

“One of the biggest perks is that I can make my own schedule. I’m able to do my classes at any time of day and take as much time as I need to work on my assignments,” Annelise said.

On the flip side, senior Logan Houser chose to go the hybrid route. Along with his athletics, this option looked to be the better option. 

“It felt like the smart thing to do. Football is very important to me and I wanted to have a season this year. I felt if I could limit exposure as much as possible, then my chances of getting ill would go down,” Logan said.

Along with that, hybrid allows for a comfortable environment.

“I get to be in the comfort of my own home, I don’t have to be cautious of the people I’m around, and I get my work done better online,” Logan said. 

However, hybrid can be an additional stress for the teachers. 

“The adjustment has been fairly simple, it seems to be harder on my teachers than it has been on me,” Logan said.

Seniors want to make the most of their senior years. Spending times with your friends can be difficult with all that is going on. Hybrid allows for you to see your friends at least three times a week but, with BeLA it’s not as simple. 

I miss seeing my friends at school and being involved in clubs. It’s nice to have a set routine and I miss it sometimes,” Annelise said. 

The school district continues to plan and develop the school year as the pandemic carries on throughout the fall season.

I think everyone who’s going to school at Bellefonte, whether hybrid, online, or full-time students, wishes that things could be different. This pandemic has been scary but it’s encouraging to see everyone coming together and trying to carry on normally,” Annelise said. 

The BeLA Academy and hybrid option are available for any students that choose to switch into that plan of education.