COVID-19 restrictions as fall sports resume


The fall sports season is finally here. Football, soccer, volleyball, and golf, have all returned to our fields and courts, all while being in a global pandemic. 

The start of sports was an extremely controversial issue as the school year neared, and it even still is now. There is a prominent divide within the highschool sports world, both sides extremely outspoken. Many disagree with the choice to play sports, while others have held rallies to back the “Let Us Play” movement. 

Back in late July, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) announced that it would continue with fall sports, against the recommendation of Governor Wolf’s administration as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Governor Wolf stated that he, as well as his team, believed no school or organized sports should take place until at least January 1. In response to this recommendation, the PIAA delayed the start of the fall sports season by two weeks. This decision left many teams unable to have heat acclimation, two-a-days, or a preseason. 

Along with the decision to play, come the following restrictions and guidelines: You must be six feet apart on the sidelines, you must wear a mask when entering and exiting the stadium, you must stay six feet apart when contact play is not taking place, you must self report before each practice and game, and temperatures must be taken before each game. There are also steps that are taken if a player on a team tests positive for COVID-19. The entire team must quarantine for two weeks before attending school or returning to practices and games. Teams and schools within the Mountain League have also been taking their own precautions, and athletic directors have been watching teams diligently to make sure they follow these rules. 

The list of guidelines, as well as updates on how the fall sports season is progressing will be updated under the COVID-19 section of the PIAA website.