Pandemics, changes, and….footballs?

Eric Fenstermacker, Reporter

Chiefs 34, Texans 20. Tom Brady fell apart. The return of Big Ben. The NFL is back. After week one, viewers saw some very interesting storylines take full effect. During the summer, the NFL saw some major changes. Pandemic regulations and player movement throughout the league headlined the NFL offseason. 

The NFL is said to “be in good hands,” according to Hall of famers. Players like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson “keep the NFL exciting,” according to LaDainian Tomlinson, in an interview on Good Morning Football. But, what about the players who are constantly on the move? According to NFL News, There were many free agents this summer and many found new homes. Most notably, Tom Brady. If you do not know who this is, to many he is considered the greatest to ever play. He has five super bowl rings with the New England Patriots. He made his way to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason. Not a big deal, right? This move sent the NFL into a frenzy. After Brady joined Tampa Bay, Rob Gronkowski, a former teammate of Brady’s on the Patriots, came out of retirement to join him in Tampa Bay. The former quarterback of Tampa Bay, Jameis Winston, is now a backup for the New Orleans Saints. 

In other news, Drew Brees, future Hall of Famer and star of the Saints, made a racial statement about the flag of the United States of America and tried to take it back. His statement was pertaining to the kneeling during the national anthem. When reflecting on his statement in an Instagram post, he “completely missed the mark and hopes everyone can understand he feels horrible.”

Other moves included DeAndre Hopkins being traded to the Arizona Cardinals, Stephon Diggs being traded to the Buffalo Bills, and even Eric Ebron signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. All of this means the NFL is starting, and as viewers, in order to stay up to date with all the moves, check the NFL Free Agent tracker.

The players moving around the league is not the only thing fans will be watching for. As many have come to realize, the NFL season is in jeopardy with COVID-19 sweeping the nation. Many will be watching to see how the players, coaches, and other staff cope with regulations set by the teams. These regulations were made on a team by team basis.

With the rise of these new power teams, and the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL is going to look a lot different this year. Players have moved around the league, along with coaches. The storylines that have been created this summer will take full effect. To stay updated on the big questions surrounding the NFL, you can visit or watch the NFL on tv throughout the week.