Overheard in the halls


It’s a quiet day at BAHS, you are walking to the second period of the day and you hear a kid yell, “My Spaghetti O’s exploded!” You giggle to yourself and keep on walking. This segment is called Overheard in the Halls. Students from BAHS have sent us their crazy quotes that they have heard from other students and we’ve compiled them into this list. So enjoy!

“If no one’s around I don’t usually stop at stop signs, they are just a suggestion. Ya know?”

“I can smell citrus in one nostril.”

“My Spaghetti O’s exploded.”

“There’s ‘gullible’ written on the ceiling…No, like I’m actually serious!!!” 

“I can’t believe she said ‘roar’.”

“Volcanoes didn’t exist in the 1600s.”

“I’m covered in queso.”

“Have you ever hit your elbow between the bones? It really hurts, man.”

“Yo, these blocks make me so tired.”

“I need cheese.”

“Mr. Sharp is secretly the president of the world, but he’s so humble that he remains a science teacher.”

“On the first day of school, in the gym, when we were going to our seats, someone walked past my row and said ‘I’m getting too old for this.’”


“I like your cut, G.”

“I’m going insane. I just said that out loud didn’t I?”