B1G 10 Football is BACK!


Photo from PickPik

B1G 10 Football Season

Eric Fenstermacker, Reporter

Guess who’s back? B1G 10 football. While the COVID-19 pandemic led to a cancellation of the season, after seeing how well the other conferences were handling the football season, the B1G 10 made a return on October 24. Everyone will be watching how they handle the pandemic, but what is to be expected of the teams in the B1G 10?

Expect the unexpected. The season has been shortened. Every year the teams in the B1G 10 play teams outside of their conference. This makes their schedule look better and this gives the teams more competition. There will be no out of conference games this fall. 

Clemson, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia are predicted to be the top teams this year. However, the B1G 10’s revitalized season could shake things up. According to ESPN’s Power Rankings, Ohio State should be in the running for a national championship with a top player in Justin Fields leading them. Michigan State is a spoiler team. This means they are not predicted to be great, but they can sneak out wins against predictably good teams and spoil their chances of going to the playoffs. Michigan State’s cross state rival, the Michigan Wolverines, could fall in the same boat as Michigan State.

 Nebraska, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota are teams who could cause a shake-up in the B1G 10 and bowl games. They are not in conversations as top teams, but they have the players (such as Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman and Indiana’s Michael Penix Jr.) and talent to make a push for the playoffs. 

Unfortunately, 24/7 Sports predicts that Illinois, Purdue, Maryland, Northwestern, and Rutgers will be in the bottom of the B1G 10. According to the Associated Press’ College Football Preseason Rankings, Ohio State (ranked #2), Wisconsin (ranked #12), Michigan (ranked #16), Minnesota (ranked #19), and Penn State (ranked #7) could make some noise when the bowl season rolls around. The college football playoff selection committee, the group that selects who goes to the playoffs, will have to watch these teams as they make a run at the playoffs.

Penn State is a hometown favorite, but they have some obstacles to overcome. Micah Parsons made it very clear he has no intentions on playing. In an interview on September 5, he shared his view.

“I will not play. There is no reason I should risk my career or my life or my family’s life by playing. Yeah, it sucks I can’t play. I love this sport. It’s just too risky,” he said. 

Micah Parsons is a top player in the country and his loss will affect the team. Other obstacles include the loss of star wideout KJ Hamler to the NFL, young players on defense, and new coaches. The teams in the B1G 10 are always changing, and with a shortened season they have another opportunity to make an impact.

As a fan, every game is important. However, for the lapsed fans the most interesting games will be the most important. According to Athlon Sports, these games are: Oct. 31, Ohio State at Penn State; Nov. 28, Wisconsin at Minnesota; Dec. 12, Michigan at Ohio State; and the B1G 10 championship game at the end of the season.

The 2020 B1G 10 football season is almost here and every team has high hopes. So grab your jerseys, face paint, and pompoms, sit on the couch and enjoy the season.