2020 Halloween Costume Trends

Ella Harpster, Reporter

Halloween will be celebrated in a different way this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In some areas trick-or-treating was canceled, along with Halloween parties. 

However, if you are able to go trick-or-treating this year, make sure you put on your face mask before you head out to get your candy. If you are able to go out on Halloween night make sure you socially distance yourself from others and make sure you wear some type of gloves or regularly use hand sanitizer just to be safe when you go to pick up the candy. Each piece of candy is individually wrapped, but if everyone is sticking their hands in the candy dish and if you do then, you are passing germs around. It might not be a bad idea to wipe your candy down at home with a disinfecting wipe. 

If you are still wanting to celebrate Halloween on October 31 but you cannot go out, you could still dress up because it is an easy way to show off your Halloween spirit. There are plenty of Halloween costumes to consider. You can go out and buy a costume or you could make your own costume. 

You can go as anything or anyone you want to be for Halloween this year. From the film Suicide Squad, you could be Harley Quinn from the action-based movie. This character  is very popular this year because she has so many unique styles. Her hair is half blue and half red at the ends, and with supplies found at Party City, you could achieve this look.

Another popular costume idea is inspired by the HBO show called Euphoria. They are wearing makeup that is inspired by the characters Jules Vaughn, Rue Bennett, and especially Maddy Perez. Maddy’s makeup has bright colors and shimmery highlight colors all over the face. The girls who are inspired by this show also glam up their character by adding gems and sparkles. Check out last month’s trending makeup videos on TikTik, where boys and girls showed off their makeover skills. 

If you are making yourself a costume this year, you can shop mostly anywhere for the parts for your costume that you need. Party City still offers a section of the most popular Halloween costumes. Your costume could be mixed and matched as well. For little kids, you might notice when you are walking on the side walks you might see kids wearing a superhero costume with two superheroes combined. Halloween this year will definitely be different for everyone. Every person should just follow the rules and try to be super safe.