Halloween comes to Netflix

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

With the world’s current and unusual circumstances, it is important to find new, safe ways to do things. Like everything else, your Halloween celebrations may have to undergo some adjustments this year. So how can you get into the spirit of Halloween while keeping yourself and others healthy and safe? Well, one option we are fortunate enough to have is a magical thing called “streaming.” And this month, Netflix has provided us with some new content to get you into the perfect Halloween mood.

 Now, I know you are super busy, of course, between school or work and playing Among Us, so I won’t make you take time to watch something that may not be worth it. This month, I’ve viewed a number of these new options, and will review them here for you, so you can make the most of your spooky season. 

Hubie Halloween: This PG-13 horror/comedy/mystery starring the one and only Adam Sandler has a little bit of everything for everyone. It follows Hubie, a well-meaning but naive man, who sets out to keep his town safe on Halloween night, solves a mystery, and teaches the people of his community an important lesson. I found this movie funny and entertaining, with a positive message at the end. Although it has been attacked by many for its crude humor and language, this movie is exactly what it is marketed as, and is not meant to be taken seriously. This film is a good watch for a range of ages. I watched it with my family and it was enjoyable to see such a diverse cast of people that both parents and kids will recognize. I’d rate it a strong 8/10. 

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting: If you’re looking for a family watch, something that doesn’t require too much attention (I’m watching it as I write this), or just aren’t into scary or gory things, this PG book-based movie may be for you. The title says it all. In this almost sickly-sweet monster movie, our main character is forced into an adventure after the kid she babysits is taken by his nightmares, and of course, learns something about herself along the way. A 7/10 for reminding me of the good old Disney days, and for the appearance of Tom Felton.

The Babysitter, Killer Queen: A TV-MA “horror-comedy” sequel to the 2017 movie The Babysitter. The main character Cole is chosen to be the victim of a killer cult of teenagers when they return from the dead to fulfill their wishes. Why the quotation? This movie was entertaining in a way, but I couldn’t tell you why. Filled with over-the-top gore and inappropropriate humor, it was neither really funny nor scary, but I couldn’t stop watching. NOTE: not to be confused with the previous review, although they have similar titles. This film is not for kids. I would rate it a 5/10, because it did serve its purpose to be ridiculously bad. 

Vampires vs. the Bronx: This last recent watch is one of my favorites so far this year. PG-13 and pretty family-friendly, this comedy/action/horror movie is just really fun. It follows a group of young teens growing up in the Bronx. But when the undead are trying to take over their neighborhood, they go on an adventure to save their community. And if you know anything about “classic” vampire flicks (Dracula, Nosferatu, Fright Night, etc.), you’ll recognize a whole other aspect of this movie. I rate this film 10/10, but it’s, of course, not for everyone. 

I hope this article helped you to find some entertainment, a movie or even just the article itself, in these unprecedented and unpredictable times, a distraction, even just for a few minutes. Stay safe and happy Halloween.