Rivalry Renewed

Lily Wichert, Copy Editor

The Bellefonte Red Raiders football team challenged the Bald Eagles to settle the ongoing rivalry between the two schools at Rogers Stadium last Friday for the Homecoming game. The Raiders walked off the field with a victorious 17-7 win over their opponents for their last game on the home field during this unusual season. The Raiders advanced their record that is now 2-3, making them fourth in the Curtin Bowl conference. 

To kick off homecoming festivities that followed after the football game, the seniors of the varsity team carried the boys to their win last Friday night. Last year, Bellefonte won their rivalry game against Bald Eagle, and continued that into this year, despite the unusual circumstances the team has adapted to. 

While winning the game was a team effort, multiple senior players shined through their performance on the field. Ethan Rossman, the team’s quarterback, carried the team in passing yards, collecting 121 throughout the game. Logan Houser also added to the team’s total, contributing 19 passing yards. This allowed for the team’s total quarterback rate to total to a stunning 114.6. Jalen Emel held the ball 8 times throughout the game, collecting an impressive total of 83 rushing yards. Jalen also scored the two and only touchdowns for the Red Raiders, racking 12 points on the scoreboard. Kickers Hadyn Walker and Daniel Persiko contributed points on the scoreboard with their extra points completed by kick points. Ryan Fitzgerald followed Jalen in total rushing yards, walking off the field with 5 carries totaling in 29 yards. 

Through the collaborative hard work that was shown across the team, the Red Raiders were able to win an important game against their rivalry school, and celebrate Homecoming week. Following the game on Saturday included the crowning of this school year’s Homecoming Royalty, Alexia Mishock and David McAndrew. Homecoming floats looked different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this year each grade level decorated a section of the bleachers at Roger’s Stadium based on a TV series. 

The boys will look to advance their record on Friday as they take on the Juniata Indians and begin playoffs