A helping hand around the school


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Kasie Miller

Allison Ivicic, Photo Editor

Studious. Strong. Caring. Helpful. These traits define and shape senior Kasie Miller into who she is today. Kasie is an all-around great student in and out of school. She stays involved with the numerous activities she participates in

Kasie is involved in Varsity Cheerleading, Competition Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Key Club, Class Cabinet, the bocce ball team, and is an officer for the National Honor Society.  

Along with all of these extracurricular activities, she is enrolled in Dual Enrollment through Lock Haven University. In the time of COVID-19 she attends Zoom classes for LHU in the mornings. In the afternoon, she returns to the high school to complete the rest of her credits required to graduate. She wants to get a head start on her future and this was a perfect way to do so.

“I completed most of my requirements and I took all the other classes that interested me, so I decided to do some college classes that fit my interest and I can get out of the way before I begin my college career,” Kasie said. 

Once she is in college, Kasie plans to get a degree in the medical field so she can find ways to help others. She is always a helping hand, which is why she loves being involved so much.

“I like the feeling of helping others and my community. It is a very rewarding experience,” Kasie said.

Throughout high school she took many challenging courses like AP Biology and Anatomy. Both of these will help her in her future in the medical field. AP Bio was one of her favorite classes because she liked learning about the cells and molecules. As well as Anatomy, she liked learning about the body. Another rewarding course she took was Child Development. This class involves working hands on with preschoolers and learning all about how they grow and adapt.

“I enjoyed Child Development because of working with the preschoolers,” Kasie said. 

Government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney is one of Kasie’s senior teachers this year.

“Kasie has really impressed me with her ability to balance attending college classes while still in high school.  Although she is sometimes hesitant to share her thoughts, she is always well-composed and adds to class discussion,” Mrs. Durney said. 

Kasie has always been a friend to make everyone laugh and create a positive environment. 

 “I admire most that Kasie is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and her laugh is infectious. She is always there when you need her to be and is the most loyal friend I could have,” senior Gracie Cain said. 

Another great friend that Kasie has had since kindergarten is Nathan Taylor. Through the past 12 years they have remained close friends and have experienced new challenges together.

“She’s such a great friend to talk to and is always there to help,” Nathan said.

Leaving high school behind is a change that no one is quite ready for. For Kasie it was all the memorable times that meant the most. Some of her favorite memories were traveling to Disney with her cheer team to compete at the USC Nationals and going to the playoffs with her lacrosse team. 

“I will miss all the memories with my friends and teams,” Kasie said