Trick-or-Treat in the borough


Photo by Pixaby

Trick or Treat night will still take place this year in the Bellefonte Borough.

Lia Miner, Entertainment Editor

Although the coronavirus pandemic continues to brew, Halloween will go on. The date for Trick-or-Treating is now November 1 in Bellefonte Borough and Benner Township on account of the rainy weather today, October 29.

According to the Borough of Bellefonte, “Trick or Treat is an optional event for the community where participation is not required. If you wish to not participate in Trick or Treat please have all exterior lights turned off between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. If participating in Trick or Treat please maintain proper Social Distancing from others and follow safety protocols in compliance with the CDC Guidelines.”

Although social distancing and masks are required, some students are still going to participate.

¨I am going trick or treating with some of my friends. I am just surprised we are even allowed to go trick or treating,” junior Chloe Newbauer said. 

However, some students prefer to stay inside this year for Halloween.

Sophomore Raina Dobransky explained that she is most likely going to spend this year inside with her friends. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many to stay in this year with friends and family.

“I am going to hangout with my friends on Halloween but we aren’t going trick-or-treating because of COVID,” she said. 

Horror movies and candy can be a great alternative instead of going out and trick-or-treating. 

“I plan to go hang out with my friends and watch horror movies all night,” senior Brant Summers said. 

Along with those trick-or-treating, there are those giving out the candy. With the 6-feet social distancing recommendations, some are getting creative with how they are giving the candy to trick or treaters. English teacher Mrs. Kat Momenzadeh is one of them. 

“I am tossing candy to trick-or-treaters from 6 feet away from my porch,” she said. 

This allows her to participate in trick-or-treating fun while also keeping herself and trick-or-treaters safe.

Even though the coronavirus has caused restrictions on normal annual events, the community is still going to strive to make a safe trick-or-treating environment in order to let the kids celebrate Halloween.