BAHS teachers making a name in the social media world

Allison Ivicic, Photo Editor

With social media use consistently on the rise in every part of life, Bellefonte teachers are taking action and creating their own social media accounts to promote learning. As the use of social media grows and expands, many students find it as a helpful supplemental way to learn, extending classroom ideas beyond the PowerPoint screen. Social media is also a way to encourage educational material by showcasing activities done in class. 

Teachers including biology and chemistry teacher Mrs. Drew Eddinger, biology teacher Mr. Christopher Freidhoff, and Literacy Specialist Mrs. Sarah Rodgers all create modern ways to show their passion for teaching. In this year of uncertainties, it is nice to have fun within our classrooms. Teachers can showcase their social media talents through Instagram, but with the latest fad, TikTok is on the rise.

Mr. Freidhoff started his TikTok account just for fun, and only had a few followers. Those few followers turned into 30 thousand followers and over 500 thousand comments on videos from kids throughout the country. 

“I enjoy the interactions with people and explaining concepts. It’s nice to hear from people all around the world,” Mr. Freidhoff said.

Mr. Friedhoff is able to share his passion for biology on a daily basis and connect with others outside of the school. He covers all concepts related to biology and goes into detail about AP Biology topics and terms. 

“I like to hear from students about their classes when they comment on my videos…things like where they are in the content and if they did a lab like one I described in class,” he said. 

Mrs. Edddinger created an Instagram account to show her students that they went above and beyond or stood out to her.

“I created my teacher Instagram as a way to brag about my students and the great work they were doing. I want them to know that I’m rooting for them,” she said. 

Along with Mrs. Eddinger, Mrs. Rodgers also has an Instagram account. She can take her love for books and promote them in a way that is new and fresh. Nowadays, students are attached to their phones so this was a perfect way to interact with them.

“My Instagram account has allowed me to connect with students here and the larger Bookstagram community. It was a great way to promote something that I love,” she said. 

Mrs. Rodgers has racked up her followers since the start of last school year. Her 1.5K followers started with BAHS students, but have now branched off to readers, teachers, and students all over the world.

“My Instagram page is a place for me to share powerful books and messages of inclusion that could have an impact on someone’s life. I have also learned a great deal by diversifying my feed to include influencers from marginalized communities,” Mrs. Rodgers said. 

Social media does not always have to be bad. There are many perks to it. 

“I like the idea that as kids are scrolling through their social media they might come across something positive and educational,” Mrs. Eddinger said. 

You can find these teachers at their handles; Mrs. Rodgers @Rodgers_reads, Mrs. Eddinger @mrs_eddinger, and Mr. Freidhoff on TikTok @a_biology_teacher.