The most dramatic season yet

Allison Ivicic, Photo Editor

Bachelor Nation was on the fence when Clare Crawley was announced as the Bachelorette. Due to the pandemic, production of the Bachelorette was postponed. Once there was a better understanding of the virus, all contestants had to quarantine for two weeks prior to filming and receive a negative COVID-19 test result. The show is usually filmed at the Bachelor Mansion, however, this season it is being filmed at La Quinta Resort and Club in La Quinta, California.

The show started with around 20 men. One by one, the men stepped out of the limousine to be greeted by Clare. Every man came up with a cute and cheesy introduction, hoping to make a great first impression on Clare. But, one man in particular made the biggest impression. As Dale Moss walked towards Clare and introduced himself, she was swept off her feet. That being said, it’s safe to say it was love at first sight. 

“I definitely feel like I just met my husband,” Clare said, on episode four of the season.

As the night progressed, Dale didn’t leave Clare’s mind. He was even granted the First Impression Rose, which is given out of the first night to the person who made a good first impression. As episodes passed, it was definitely clear that Dale was the only thing she could think about, and she didn’t pay much attention to the other men. The host of the show, Chris Harrison, approached Clare on what she would like to do with the rest of the season. She realized that she only wanted to be with Dale. Clare practically “broke up” with the other men to spend all her time with Dale. 

The two spent a whole day and night together, realizing they were the ones for each other. Chris then asked Dale if he was ready to propose to Clare, and with some thought, Dale later popped the question. As of now, the two are happily engaged and living their best lives together. They have experienced some hate from Bachelor Nation, but the trolls won’t get to them. 

With the show left in shambles, 29 year-old Tayshia Adams was introduced as the new Bachelorette. Tayshia was previously on Colton Underwood’s season 23 of the Bachelor. But now more than ever, she is ready to find love. Tayshia is enjoying every moment getting to know all the men. A fan favorite of Bachelor Nation is 30 year-old Brendan, who had the first one-on-one and had an instant connection with the Bachelorette. Along with the remaining men Clare will choose a Bachelor from, four more men have joined the journey.

Season 16 has differently been the most interesting and unpredictable. In the wise words of Chris, this will be “the most dramatic season yet.” You can watch the Bachelorette every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on ABC, and join the large following this season of the show has gained.