Most likely to make it big

Lily Wichert, Copy Editor

You’ve probably seen senior Bella Corman at some point – whether it was on the morning announcements, at a golf tournament, or from another extracurricular that she is involved in. Whatever your relationship with her may be, there is no doubt that Bella is one of the most involved and responsible students here at Bellefonte High. 

Some of the many things she is involved in at school include; Art Club (in which she was a Congressional art competition runner-up), National Honor Society, Safety Committee, Senior Institute, and Young Life. On top of that, Bella also is a member of the varsity basketball and golf teams. Despite her busy schedule and rigorous classwork, Bella still manages to find a way to make time for herself and the other activities she is passionate about. Throughout her years at Bellefonte High, Bella has learned many valuable lessons that she will carry into her future. 

“My high school experiences have made me realize that failing is not the end of the world, but how you overcome those obstacles is so much more important than that,” Bella said. 

She recalls first getting a taste of this lesson in her Honors Pre-Calculus class during her sophomore year of high school, when she failed her first test ever.

“I thought [a low grade] determined my worth, so I was very frustrated with myself, but then soon I realized that grades do not define who I am.”

Regardless of life’s guaranteed uncertainties, Bella has overcome adversity and used this to fuel her goals for the future. Bella hopes to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where she plans to study public policy. To prepare for her future, Bella is currently taking Become a Millionaire and AP Government and Politics classes.

“I really hope to impact the world in some significant way. Whether that is in public policy or foundations, I see myself in the future making a difference.”

Bella’s father has played a significant role in her life, who she credits to be one of the biggest inspirations to her. Her father is President Protem of Pennsylvania State Senator, Jake Corman, and has helped shape her into the role model she is today.  

“I would definitely say my father was a huge inspiration to me, seeing what he does and how much of a difference you can make in the world is encouraging,” Bella said. “It shows you that nothing is impossible.”

Over the summer, Bella began a process of making her dream come true, and is in the works of organizing her own foundation, soon to be called “Kids with Capes and Crown.”. This foundation focuses on giving back to children diagnosed with cancer by visiting them dressed up as a princess or superhero of their choice, and donating the proceeds for the child’s treatment. This foundation is in the process of becoming official, with setbacks having occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this setback, Bella hopes to have this up and running by next summer, where she will continue to advocate for this foundation in the future years.

Throughout her life, Bella’s experiences have truly influenced her as a person. Mrs. Christine Morris, who taught Bella AP Psychology and US History 601, describes that Bella is a student that can be looked up to. Bella is described to be a strong and outspoken advocate for anyone around her.

“When she is excited about a topic, issue, or subject matter, she asks many good questions so that she has a valid opinion,” Mrs. Morris said. “Bella has always been a student who will want to discuss current issues.”

Bella’s passion in her classes and activities outside of school are what make her stand out as a role model in the Bellefonte community. Her determination to help those around her achieve fair and equal treatment will carry her to success throughout her life, and allow for her to be a student that will be missed here at Bellefonte High.