Pinned to win

Maddie Morelli, Sports Editor

As the winter sports season approaches, Covid-19 numbers are reaching an all-time high, and guidelines are being strictly followed. However, that is not stopping the Bellefonte wrestling team from preparing for another great season. 

“We are taking a lot of precautions to make sure we have a season, like wearing a mask and staying socially distanced,” senior Stephen Ivicic said.

The team had a good season last year with a record of 14-5, as well as being 5-0 in their league, but they are looking to accomplish even more moving forward. 

“Covid aside, our biggest obstacle is complacency and satisfaction. Sure, we were regional champs last year, but you better believe we have a long way to go before we achieve any meaningful goal this year. I’m doing my best to encourage my teammates in preparing for the upcoming season as best as they can; nothing is guaranteed,” junior Jude Swisher said. 

The seniors are major influences on the team, and they are looking to lead the team to victory this year.

“We plan to lead the team by setting a good example for the younger kids and working hard,” Stephen said. 

Of course, the team looks to their coaches for guidance, who are faced with a very new predicament this year: COVID-19 guidelines. 

“Our coaching staff’s willingness to maneuver through COVID guidelines is byfar our biggest asset; they’re doing everything they can to ensure every opportunity for us. I’m extremely grateful for everyone on our team, from the coaches to the managers,” Jude said. 

With cases rising, and so many things being uncertain about not only school, but athletics as well, the wrestlers are grateful for every moment they have on the mat. 

“We try not to take anything for granted since it can be taken from us in a matter of minutes with everything going on,” senior Max Barrier said. 

Even amidst the pandemic, the high energy the team takes into the season remains the same.

“I love competing. It’s always a blast to get on the mat and show off all the hard work we’ve been doing in the room. Hopefully we get the chance to showcase just how special this team is,” Jude said. 

Of course even with the guidelines, the boys are still looking forward to being with their friends.

“I’m mainly looking forward to making lifelong memories with my team,” Max said.

The Raiders have their first match on Tuesday, December 15 at 7 p.m. against Bald Eagle.