Star Senior: Rianna Morris

Lily Wichert, Copy Editor

Rianna Morris is a student here at Bellefonte High that undoubtedly goes above and beyond. Her involvements list is long, including activities such as: Academic Decathlon (President), HOBY and Senior School Board Representative, Jazz and Marching Band, Key Club, Model United Nations (President), Raider Revolution, Student Council, Swimming and Diving (Captain), and Track and Field. Last year, Rianna placed third in the Mountain League for the girl’s golf team, which she joined her Freshman year. 

With her leadership roles and academic achievements, Rianna is a person that stands out in the Bellefonte community.

“I would describe myself as a determined, opinionated, hardworking, friendly, and sassy person,” Rianna said.

And if you know Rianna personally, or even her mother, social studies teacher Mrs. Christine Morris, you will also know that she is exactly those things. Rianna is a strong advocate for herself and her peers, and is always willing to speak her mind respectfully. 

Because of this, something Rianna lives by is “to not let titles or power change who you are as a person”. Rianna is a firm believer of not only expressing opinions, but being respectful of those who may have something different to add to the table.

“Everyone has the right to their opinion and nobody should try to silence your opinions,” Rianna said. 

Rianna’s undoubtedly strong qualities will motivate her to tackle her future. She will be attending Robert Morris University to major in Marketing and Management, pursuing a minor in International Regions. 

“I am very passionate about equality and promoting it,” Rianna explained. “I do not think people should be treated differently because of aspects that they cannot control.”

In future years, Rianna views herself with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Marketing. Her passions about equality and advocating for others will play an influential role in Rianna’s bright future. Aside from her activism,  Rianna is an avid golfer, and loves traveling and photography. 

Although school has looked differently this year, Rianna remains optimistic about her unusual senior year. Her favorite part about the school year is being able to physically be in school and interacting with her friends and teachers. Some of her favorite teachers who have influenced her throughout her past four years at Bellefonte High include: math teacher Mrs. Susan Besch, science teacher Mr. Christopher Friedhoff, english teacher Ms. Katherin Momenzadeh, and Mrs. Morris. 

With graduation just around the corner, Rianna recalls that her favorite memory from the last four years in high school was a field trip she took during her freshman year, when the Fine Arts Club traveled to Disney World. 

“I enjoyed spending the trip with my friends, my mom, and performing on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom.”

It’s no question that Rianna Morris has made her mark on Bellefonte High during her years here. Her leadership and ability to speak for others has influenced Rianna’s future positively, and will continue to bring her success after the high school level.