The benefits of pet ownership

Lily Wichert, Copy Editor

The joy of owning a pet is an indescribable feeling. Whether that be a family dog or a cat, or even a goldfish, it is exciting to own a pet that is included in your daily life. Your pet loves you unconditionally, and that feeling likely goes both ways. This feeling is common amongst pet owners, and can be explained by psychological studies. Extensive research has proven that owning a pet is beneficial to you physically and emotionally. 

Researchers at Miami University have concluded based on a series of studies that pet owners are less lonely and have greater self esteem.

Senior Shea Kelley is an owner of three pets that include two dogs and one beta fish. Caring for her animals is a part of her daily routine, and something she looks forward to every day. 

“I believe pet owning teaches responsibility,” Shea said. “They always keep me company during my online classes, and never fail to make the day exciting.”

Shea owns a nine year-old dog, and a ten month-old puppy. With that, their different energy levels add for comedy throughout the day.

“My dogs are always chasing each other and fighting over toys,” she said. “It’s cute, and can be really funny sometimes.”

Senior Claire Lucas owns a total of three dogs, and believes that pet ownership “adds to the family.”

“Even your pet knows when something is wrong,” Claire said. “I have always grown up in a household with lots of dogs, and they have brought my family together.”

Owning a pet brings joy to Claire’s life. She believes that if she did not own pets, her household would “not nearly [be full of] as much love.”

If you are looking for an easy way to become a pet owner, consider buying a fish. Stores such as Petco sell different types of fish that are easy to care for, and require very simple care. Feeding your fish daily and changing the water regularly are essential to properly taking care of this pet. If your household does not have any pets, this can be an easy way to convince your family that it is time to branch out and get a family pet. 

Junior Nolan Weaver owns a chocolate lab and a cat, and feels that pet ownership “improves [his] life by keeping [him] occupied.”

Even finding ways to interact with your household pet will have immense benefits for your well-being. It’s no wonder that certain animals are issued as special therapy assistants, due to their loyal and caring qualities. Having some form of companionship is necessary for building support within your own life.

The next time you try to convince your parents to add another pet into your household, bring up the psychological factors that come hand-in-hand with owning a pet. Adding a small pet of whatever kind best suits you and your family’s availability can add excitement to your life, which may be needed during this year’s unusual holiday season. The old saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” has stood the test of psychology, and proven to be true.