An outstanding student at Bellefonte High

Amaya Rothrock, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Austin Melius is a student who will be widely remembered at Bellefonte High for his outstanding athletic performance and academic involvement. Austin is involved in Academic Decathlon, Cross Country (captain), Model United Nations, Raider Review, Raider Revolution, and Track and Field. Some of his most major accomplishments are winning the Presidential Volunteer Award and he made it to states twice in track. Austin has grown a lot as a person from his involvement in the variety of activities and it is something that he will always value. 

“Both sports and clubs have allowed me to take leadership positions and be able to become a strong leader which is a big part of who I am,” Austin said. 

His participation in extracurriculars have taught him a lot about what he wants to do in the future, something he finds very valuable. Not only does he want to further his academics after high school, he also wants to continue his athletics with the hopes of joining track and cross country teams at whichever college he attends.

“I am thinking about going to Lock Haven, but I have not decided yet. I want to teach Social Studies or Video Production and with Lock Haven’s very good teaching programs, it could help greatly,” Austin said. “I will be on the cross country and track and field team wherever I go to college. I want to be a teacher so I can coach cross country and track and also to be able to help shape the next generations.”

Cross Country Coach and Video Production teacher Mrs. Carla Cipro has both taught and coached Austin. She  has loved having him on her team and in her class. He has been someone she can always count on to be a leader for the team.

“Austin has been a joy to teach and coach. He listens and works hard. He is a good role model to others and a big help when I need a side job completed, I often turn to him to complete it. Austin stands out from other students because he has a good attitude, he enjoys a good challenge, and he does his work.  He is a role model of a good student and a good person.  I really appreciate Austin,” Mrs. Cipro said. 

Austin spends most of his spare time running with his teammates. Cross country and track have introduced him to some of his best friends who he shares great memories with. 

“My favorite memory with Austin is his comradery with the cross country team, especially at meets. Some good qualities he has as a friend is his ability to connect with situations, and our mutual humor,” senior Daryel Stickles said. 

Everyone can agree that this senior year is something that nobody expected, but Austin has found himself just happy to be going to school every day.

“My favorite thing about my senior year is being able to come to school with all of this covid time. It is nice to have life working semi the same,” he said. 

Austin has learned a lot from his time at Bellefonte High, not just about the importance of leadership, but also the importance of how to deal with the stressful times life brings. This is something he will carry with him throughout his life.

“I have learned that life is tough, but if the stressful and bad times hold you down then you will get nowhere in life so you have to work hard and keep moving forward,” Austin said. 

Austin had some his best times in high school during his participation on the cross country team. He made some great friendships and memories that he is very thankful for.

“I will always remember my cross country team times, jokes, and just having fun with the teams over the years. Specifically, the time I lost to one of my old teammates, Cole Hovis, by 0.01 seconds,” Austin said. 

He is a hardworking student who does not let anything stand in the way of his goals. Austin’s outstanding work ethic and positive attitude will take him far in life after high school and he will be a student that Bellefonte High will always remember.