Why make it complicated?

Staff Report

Buying fun and creative gifts that people will enjoy can be one of the most challenging things during the holiday season, especially when shopping for teenagers. When shopping for little kids it’s usually a lot easier because they probably want toys or will tell you what they want, but when shopping for someone who has grown out of toys, it can be difficult, especially when they don’t tell you what they want. Here are a few gift ideas to help you out with your last-minute shopping.


For an athletic teen, maybe get them sporty gifts such as:


For a teenager who likes “cutesy” items, maybe get them gifts like:

  • A Sloth shaped mug. This gift is adorable and you can be sure that anyone would like it.
  • Lip balm. No matter what, anyone can always use a good old lip balm.


If shopping for a teenager who likes gaming, listening to music, or just electronics in general, check out The Strategist’s list of holiday gifts that include:

  • An Echo Dot not only works as a speaker, but you can ask it questions, set alarms on it, and have it tell you whatever you need whenever you want.
  • A Waterproof speaker is perfect for listening to music in a pool or wherever you want without having to worry about getting it wet and destroying it.
  • A Gaming mouse pad, which is perfect for anyone who spends hours playing video games.
  • A Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite, perfect for sending time playing games with the family while wrapping up the day.


Buying casual clothing for teenagers that they would wear to school can be hard, so why not give them the gift of comfort? Check out these items:

  • MENS lounge pants are perfect for lounging around the house after a long day of stuffing yourself from your Christmas feast.
  • WOMENS lounge pants, perfect form cuddling up and watching movies by the fire
  • This Comfy lounge set is perfect for lounging in comfort and style
  • This Pajama set is comfortable, cute, and can be worn any time of the year.


Having an accessory that completes your outfit, or one that goes their phone or their car (if they have one) is important, so here are a few ideas:

  • Hair scrunchies to keep those luscious locks out of their face while they beat you at a game of just dance.
  • Beanies, cute, stylish, and will keep their ears warm while on their way to school on a crisp winter morning.
  • Selfie ring light. There is no such thing as too many selfies, and finding the perfect lighting can be hard, so why not get them the perfect little light that’s easy to carry around.