Heartfelt Holiday movies

Hope Martin, Editor in Chief

The holiday season is right around the corner, and everyone is getting ready to watch some of their favorite holiday movies. The winter season is a reminder to many of holiday cheer and traditions, as this varies from each family. Regardless of what your holiday traditions are, there are probably a few movies that are perfect to watch during this season. 

Learning Support teacher Mrs. Mary Boyle-Fedor’s favorite holiday movie is Elf, and she returns to this classic story each year when the holiday season rolls in. 

“Main character Will Ferrell plays a kind and light -I love how childlike he is in it – honest and naive. I love how he doesn’t seem to see the negative in anything – he’s only ever positive or finding a solution.  For example, you see an angry racoon and run, but he thinks, ‘it needs a hug!’ It is now a family staple at Christmas time.  We quote the lines to one another frequently and my mom always answers her phone with, ‘Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color?’ throughout the month of December.,” Mrs. Boyle-Fedor said. 

Elf also has an impact on students as well.

“I like Elf because the holidays can be stressful and Elf never fails to make me laugh,” junior Paige Kephart, said about the classic film. 

Mrs. Fedor and Paige are not the only people who love the movie Elf. Social Skills teacher Ms. Hannah Tibbot also loves the movie.

“My favorite holiday movie is Elf. It always gives me a good laugh and gets me in the Holiday Spirit,” Ms. Tibbot said.

However, not everyone is obsessed with the movie Elf. There are many other movies that people like.

“I love Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, Home Alone (1 & 2 only), and Four Christmases. If I get time to myself, I won’t say no to a cheesy Hallmark one, either,” government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney said.. 

Hallmark movies are popular with other people as well. Junior Davis Folnsbee loves the classic film from the Hallmark channel, Christmas with a Prince,

In my personal favorite Hallmark movie, Christmas with a Prince, there is a scene in which our protagonist, Tasha, is arguing with her boss. Tasha says ‘C’mon, it’s Christmas for goodness sake,’ to which her boss replies, ‘We say happy holidays, doctor,’” Davis said. 

Home Alone is another very popular movie among not only teachers, but also among many students. 

“I like this movie because it is really funny, and I like how Kevin used smart thinking to protect his house from the burglars,”sophomore Ell Aukerman said. “I also like how he finds out that rumors are not always true. Don’t believe everything that you hear.” 

Another popular movie involves a mean green, who wants to take away Christmas. 

“I LOVE the Grinch. I think that the movie reminds me of childhood Christmas memories, so it’s very nostalgic for me to watch. It’s a very ‘feel good’ movie to me –  I watch it every year,” science teacher Mrs. Arimani Davy said.Some other students love the Polar Express.  

The Grinch is definitely a popular with our seniors  also.

It’s a classic, I grew up knowing and loving this movie. It also gives me Harry Potter vibes, and I’m kind of an addict of Harry Potter,” senior Mykayla Cole said. 

“Good story, great animation for the time, unbeatable soundtrack, and that scene where they Tokyo drift the 40 ton train on a frozen lake,” said freshman John Waltersabout the Polar Express

Other people don’t like movies like The Grinch, Polar Express, etc. 

“I’m more into other holiday movies like Family Man, Christmas Vacation, or what I consider a holiday movie, Nightmare Before Christmas,” junior Taryn Lingo said. 

Be sure to grab your favorite movie and curl up by the fireplace with your family and a chromebook with your friends on a Zoom.