Custodians conquering COVID-19 pandemic

Hope Martin, Reporter

Custodians have proven to be the backbone of the school, as their hard work is what ensures everyone a safe and healthy environment when walking into Bellefonte High. Each day, the custodian staff members go above and beyond to keep our school clean with a smile on their faces.   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,our custodians have had to take on additional daily duties  to endure some new changes. These changes include new and tedious cleaning processes with a target on highly touched areas, such as hand railings and door knobs, which are cleaned two to three times a day. Even though our custodians have an even bigger workload, their pay is still the same as last year.  

Head Custodian Mr. Bill Cain has been working at Bellefonte as a custodian for 26 years, and 20 of those years he has been lead custodian.  His favorite part of the job is “seeing students and faculty.” Bill has worked several jobs over his past. They include old custodian jobs and building maintenance.

Custodian Dana Showers has been working at Bellefonte as a custodian for 14 years. Her favorite part of the job is “getting to talk with the kids.” She worked at Pleasant Gap Elementary as head cook before switching over to being a custodian. 

“The custodians may be intimidating at first glance, but they are actually very sweet,” freshman Morgan Fraizer said. 

The freshman aren’t the only students who appreciate our custodians.

“Especially with COVID, I feel like the custodians are doing a great job protecting us from spreading germs. Whether it’s by staying late to clean the classrooms or coming in on days the building is closed to clean the building or putting signs on the floor that say ‘maintain 6 feet distance.’ I think they’re doing a lot to protect us from the virus,” senior Samantha Fike said. 

Samantha isn’t the only senior who believes these things.

“They are one of the most essential staff in this school, because they’re willing to do things that others wouldn’t,” senior Gavin Hosterman said. 

We cannot thank our custodians enough for what they have been doing to protect the school from the virus. We truly appreciate that they have gone out of their way to keep our school a safe environment.