From softball to conspiracies: meet Maddie Tice

Lily Wichert, Copy Editor

Maddie Tice is a senior at Bellefonte High that possesses many role model qualities; to many, Maddie is a great friend, student, and peer to have within the community. Her involvement list consists of National Honor Society, Raider Revolution, and she also serves as the vice president of the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club. On top of these extracurricular clubs, Maddie plays varsity basketball and softball. 

Outside of school, Maddie plays on a travel softball team. As if that didn’t add to her busy schedule, she also works part-time at Bellefonte’s Weis location. Despite the many tasks on her to-do list, Maddie finds ways to spend her time volunteering at youth sporting events.

“I would say I’m very easygoing, friendly, and kind,” Maddie said. “I’m always down for an adventure.”

One of her closest friends is senior Shea Kelley, and the two spend time together inside and outside of the school buildings.

“[Maddie] takes school work seriously, but still makes the time to hangout with friends,” Shea said. “She is super fun and energetic – she matches your mood really easily and brings the kind of energy you want.”

School is something that Maddie values – and her hard work has proven to pay off. After graduation, she will be attending Neumann University to play softball. She has played the sport since she was 8, just two years after she began playing basketball, and over the years has grown to love the sport. 

Throughout her four years at Bellefonte High, Maddie has met teachers that have greatly impacted her life. One of these teachers includes government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney, who currently has Maddie in her United States Government class.

“Maddie is a joy to talk about,” Mrs. Durney said. “Her sense of humor helps the classroom environment and she is just great to be around.”
Mrs. Durney admires her ability and “openness to share,” and converse with students in the classroom.

“She is certainly not afraid to stand up for what she believes, but never belittles others in the process.”

Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Shawna Weaver is another teacher that has influenced Maddie throughout her time at the high school. Mrs. Weaver had Maddie as a student in her Foods 1, Foods 2, and Home Design classes, and is also the advisor of SADD Club. Throughout the time she has taught Maddie, she has witnessed Maddie’s many positive qualities.

“Maddie is very driven,” Mrs. Weaver said. “I have no doubt that she will be very successful in whatever she plans to do in her life.”

Mrs. Weaver also recognizes Maddie’s accomplishments as an athlete, balancing a rigorous schedule with a full agenda. 

“She puts a lot of time and work into everything she does and it shows. She definitely has the determination and mindset to be one of the best at whatever she is doing.”

To those around her, one of the most admirable qualities Maddie has is her character, and the positive outlook and attitude she always has. Mrs. Weaver believes her personality is the most enjoyable part about having Maddie in class, as she enjoys “chatting with her and joking.” She also explains that Maddie is always prepared and respectful, as she “comes to class every single day and does exactly what is asked of her.”

“Maddie has made me want to be a better teacher because she has been such an awesome student over the last four years,” Mrs. Weaver said.  “She has a wonderful personality and attitude that you can’t help but love.”

Something that you may not know about Maddie is her passion for conspiracy theories. She describes them to be “incredibly interesting” and appealing to her, mainly because she is easily persuaded. Maddie believes in a few conspiracy theories – but thinks other ones are funny to buy into, which contributes to her love for these explanations. 

“I think it is cool to see other people’s perspectives on certain topics and why they think what they do.”

Maddie’s well roundedness and friendly charisma make her the perfect role model for students at Bellefonte High. The next time you see Maddie in the hallways, be sure to say “hi.”