A helping hand at Bellefonte High

Amaya Rothrock, Editor In Chief

When people think about senior Eddie Henry, the first thing that comes to mind is his kindness. Eddie is a student who is always more than happy to lend a helping hand to a classmate and he is always up for a fun time. Eddie has quite a busy schedule. He is widely involved in extracurriculars and spends much of his time participating in the following activities: Concert Band (Vice President), Drama Club (Vice President), Jazz Band, Marching Band, National Honor Society, and he plays soccer. His involvement and leadership positions have provided him with valuable skills that he will carry with him forever. 

“I have learned how to make friends, put myself out there in places that will help me grow, and how to be a leader. I have learned how to manage my workload and still have time to have fun. One big takeaway would be how to be a leader,” Eddie said. 

During his time at Bellefonte High, he has made some of his best friends in his classes, including senior Meredith Frey, who he became close friends with in physics. 

“[Eddie] and I were physics partners and did all of our projects together. You really get to learn a lot about a person whenever you spend days and hours working on really difficult projects,” Meredith said.

Eddie has always been a standout student due to his studious and friendly personality. He is a student teachers can always count on to make the class a good time and is always happy to help out a classmate. 

“Eddie was always the first to jump and try to help a friend who was struggling with a question in class. He was always humble and patient with them. I could always count on Eddie to support my crazy new lesson ideas. More importantly, he always laughed at my jokes, no matter how lame,” Biology and Chemistry teacher Mrs. Drew Eddinger said. 

While Eddie excels in his classes, he still finds time to have some childish fun with his friends; a side of him that all of his friends cherish. 

“My favorite memory doesn’t have to do with Physics; it has to do with our great friendship that developed from Physics that showed each other our inner child personalities. During the last big snow where we missed a day of school, I invited Eddie, Jacob (Eddie’s twin brother), and Logan Ellenberger to go sledding in the snow. We ended up not sledding much but instead buried Eddie in the snow. We left his face exposed so he was fine and was under about a foot or two of snow,” Meredith said with a laugh. 

His friends always have the best time with him, and they value his friendship. Eddie is always up for an adventure, but he is also a person they can talk to about anything. No matter what, there is never a dull moment with him. 

“Probably any time we hang out is a great memory, but my favorite is when we walked around the neighborhoods. Eddie and I talked and walked, it gave us time to catch up. I know it’s not grand, but it’s the little things that matter,” senior Logan Ellenberger said. “He can crack a joke at pretty much any time and make me laugh. He is, indeed, a great person and my best friend.”

Eddie’s caring and hardworking personality, along with his leadership skills, are especially important as he plans on attending Penn State University to study Secondary Science Education to become a high school chemistry or biology teacher. 

“I really like science as it is very interesting, and I also like the idea of teaching, so I thought I’d put them together. I am looking forward to experiencing college and life as an adult,” Eddie said. 

He is a friendly face at Bellefonte High that students can always count on to be a good friend, whether it is in school or not.