Influencers with poor influence

Keri Carroll, Features and Opinion Editor

Social media influencers are known to have a large following on various platforms of social media. They are supposed to be influential, but are they? A lot of TikTokers have been slammed recently for not following the COVID-19 guidelines.

On Monday, December 7, several counties in Southern California went on lockdown due to the overwhelming amount of cases and no room at the hospitals. LA County then renewed these stay-at-home orders for January 2021.

Many TikTokers such as Noah Beck, James Charles, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Sienna Gomez, and other influencers have been vocal about staying safe during the pandemic and encouraging people to make sure they are following protocols. However, recently, many of these influencers have been spotted leaving LA county to travel during the lockdown.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Lil Huddy, Madi Monroe, and several others had been spotted in Atlantis, Bahamas a few days after Christmas. 

TikTok users flooded their comments with things such as, “practice what you preach” and “we are in the middle of a pandemic.” Users are upset because they feel these “influencers” are given a platform and do not use it for the better, and so they are trying to cancel these TikTok stars.

Everyone’s favorite makeup guru, James Charles, has also received a lot of heat from fans after he threw two Among Us themed murder mysteries. There were around 8-10 people who attended the party, all of them being influencers. Many have claimed to have gotten tested, but LA is a hot spot for the virus right now.

Sienna Gomez, another very popular influencer known for her huge positive influence on the body positivity movement, was also caught traveling somewhere snowy (very clearly not LA). Although Gomez is a very loved creator, she received a lot of backlash for not following stay-at-home orders after she has been very vocal about the importance of safety during the pandemic.

It has been reported that many of these influencers have traveled or spent time with others and have not followed the two week self quarantine guidelines.

These creators are now being held accountable for their recent actions all over social media. Hopefully, they have learned their lesson.