Jojo Siwa was Born This Way

Connor Bernier, Reporter

Coming out is a life changing thing to do for many LGBTQ+ teens and young adults. As our world becomes more accepting, it has become easier to be yourself but there are still many people stuck in situations where they are unable to be who they really are. Celebrities have recently been making headlines as they share their true identities, shining a light on the community and uplifting the younger generations. 

Jojo Siwa,  17 year-old internet star, and Dance Moms alumni recently uploaded a Tikok of her lip-syncing to the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, wearing a rainbow bow with a background of rainbow flashing lights. The video instantly blew up gaining over 6.1 million likes 40 million views. Shortly after she uploaded the TikTok, Twitter blew up with everyone making speculations Some believed the video was her way of coming out while others were skeptical. Many big influencers commented on her post, congratulating her and sharing their love which left people to believe she actually came out. The day after Jojo posted a picture on Twitter with her in a shirt that read “Best Gay Cousin Ever” with the caption, “My cousin got me a new shirt.” After it was posted it was said to be her official coming-out tweet as fans and influencers alike congratulated her and shared their love and positivity.
Shortly after Jojo tweeted, she took to Instagram Live to officially speak on her coming out. She expressed her love and appreciation for everyone who had shown her gratitude, love, and support through her journey. She thanked her fans and family for everything that they have done for her and the platform that she has been given. When she ended the Live, shortly after she was swatted. Swatting is something that has been on the internet for many years now and is a disgusting trend where a person finds a celebrity’s address and calls the police on them saying that they are posing a large threat. Jojo used this situation as a teaching moment showing people that there is still so much hate in the world and that we need to come together as a society and prevent things like this from happening to others.

Coming out is an insanely hard thing for many people, telling the world a side of you that has been kept inside your whole life is scary. No matter what situation you are in, the fear of people treating you differently and the possibility of losing people close to you is something that no one should have to go through. Someone this young and this popular coming out is so important for the younger generations. Jojo is owning her identity and showing the world that she was born this way and that nothing will ever change that. It may be hard for even someone reading this article to see another person come out and receive so much love, while they themselves may have struggled or are still struggling. As we grow as a society and more people use their platform for good, things can and will change. If you are someone who is struggling and needs help, just know that there is a loving community out there waiting to embrace you and take you in with open arms.

The following link is to the Trevor Project, an organization built on helping young LGBTQ+ youth in need, if you are struggling do not be afraid to seek help, found at