100 for Rossman

Allison Ivicic, Photo Editor

Senior Ethan Rossman started wrestling as a way to get rid of extra energy. 11 years later and he is achieving his 100 career wrestling win. Over his high school career he has accomplished many other impressive milestones. In the 2019-2020 season he placed first in the PIAA District VI and Northwest Regionals.  

On February 5, he won his 100th match; a very exciting moment, especially since it had been a long-awaited milestone.  

“It was honestly a relief because so many people were counting down and being able to live up to that expectation was great,” Ethan said. 

Head coach and history teacher Mr. Micheal Maney has seen Ethan grow since freshman year. 

“Ethan has continued to grow. I have seen growth in him to come to a leader on and off the mat and I am honored to have coached him,” Mr. Maney said. 

Ethan has been a great role model to his team and younger wrestlers. He is able to relate to those who are younger than him and mentor them. 

“Ethan has set an example with his work ethic in the practice room. He shows a sincere interest in making them a better person on and off the mat,” Mr. Maney said. 

Aside from his dedication to the team, he is dedicated to making himself a better wrestler. This even means putting in extra work after practice. 

“I have put in a ton of off season workout and even while I’m in season I still go to practice after having practice at the school,” Ethan said. 

Ethan’s commitments haven’t gone unnoticed; senior and practice partner Max Barrier has seen his diligence pay off.

“I am proud of Ethan for reaching this milestone since he works so hard in and outside the wrestling room and I know how bad he wanted it,” Max said. 

After Ethan graduates he will continue his wrestling career at Lock Haven University. Lock Haven is a division one school and close to home. 

“We will not have to travel far to watch him wrestle. I’m looking forward to seeing him continue to grow on and off the mat. I know he will have a successful future if he continues to work hard and stay focused on his goals,” Mr. Maney said. 

In addition to wrestling D1, he hopes to stand tall on the podium at the PIAA State tournament. 

“I think I can be top four at states and that’s what I want to get to,” Ethan said. 

Throughout the wrestling seasons his family has been his support system. But, in particular his father has been a big influence on him. 

“My dad, he is always pushing me to be the best I can be on and off the mat,” Ethan said. 

Ethan undoubtedly will make an impact on the Bellefonte Wrestling program.

“Ethan will be a hard person to replace just like many members of this senior class,” Mr. Maney said.