A game for the ageless

Eric Fenstermacker, Reporter

Super Bowl LV (55). Tom Brady’s Buccaneers vs. the defending champs, Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs in Tampa Bay. The game had been anticipated by many throughout the season. When this matchup was finalized through the playoffs, people began the debate. 

“I’m goin with Kansas City, 38-34,” Stephen A. Smith, analyst on ESPN’s “First Take”, predicted. Stephen A. Smith made this prediction as a very outspoken and highly-respected analyst. However, he was not the only one to share his opinion.

Booger McFarland never publicly announced his superbowl prediction, but ESPN’s “Get Up” reported his prediction being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. McFarland was a former NFL player and is now a well-respected football analyst for ESPN. Both these men made their picks, but only one can be correct.

Before the game, viewers were treated to a performance of “America the Beautiful” by platinum recording artist H.E.R. Then country star Eric Church and singer Jazmine Sullivan performed the national anthem. The teams were on the field and the referees were introduced, including Sarah Thomas, the first ever woman to officiate a game. The coin was tossed and Tampa Bay got the ball to begin the game. 

The game started with three punts combined. The Chiefs then caught fire and marched the ball down the field. The Buccaneers defense made a stand at the 31 yard line to force a field goal. The Buccaneers called on Leonard Fournette (running back) to give them a lead before halftime. The score stood at 21-6.

After The Weekend’s halftime performance, both teams were looking to be better for the second half of the game. Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs down the field, but again had to settle for a field goal. After the strong stand by the defense, Tom Brady was ready to capitalize on the performance. Brady threw to his longtime friend on and off the field, Rob Gronkowski, for 26 yards. This set up Leonard Fournette for a 27 yard run and a touchdown. Patrick Mahomes was not looking like himself and knew he had to find some magic. Instead, he threw an interception. As the game went on, the Buccaneers continued to dominate time of possession of the ball. This hurt the Chiefs and ultimately led to a 31-9 route by the Buccaneers.

Tom Brady, along with the rest of the team, celebrated on the field before receiving his MVP award. He is hoping to “run it back” with the Buccaneers again next year to claim his eighth superbowl win. Will he do it? The league will look different next year, but no one ever counts out Brady and the team he plays for.