10 shows on Netflix for viewers of all ages

Hope Martin, Reporter

When you are unsure of which television show or movie to watch, you most likely log in to Netflix and scroll around mindlessly until you find something that catches your eye. For this reason, Netflix has produced a Top 10 list to make it easier for viewers to find a new show or movie. The following movies and shows have been listed within the Top Ten list this year, which is based on the shows within the platform that have racked up the most views. 

In the number one spot as of January 27, Netflix placed the show Bridgerton. This is definitely a show for you if you like love triangles and a rollercoaster of emotions. The show is set in 1813, and focuses on the lifestyle during the 1800s. Daphne Brigerton is from one of the most wealthy households in the area. She must find a man to wed to carry on the family’s legacy. While the show focuses on Daphne, it also features other story lines. One being Daphne’s brother, Anthony, who is in a forbidden relationship. He must decide to stay in the security of the wealth in his family or pursue his love. Bridgerton will keep viewers on their toes with all of the drama. This show is surely a turmoil of emotions. 

In the number two spot of Netflix’s Top 10, we have Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer. The show is  about an American serial killer, Richard Ramirez, who earned the nickname The Night Stalker. The show is based in Las Vegas during 1985. The show takes viewers through the journey of Richard Ramirez’s crimes. It is a show for a thrill seeker!

Henry Danger takes the spot for number three on Netflix’s top 10 list. It is a former popular show on Nickelodeon. Recently, Netflix moved it onto their platform, and the show has blown up, ranking it the third most streamed show on the platform . Henry Danger focuses on a boy named Henry who wants to go and get a job. He meets the superhero Captain Man and Henry earns superpowers and becomes Kid Danger. Watch Henry Danger and follow Henry in his journey of fighting off bad guys

L.A.’s Finest is placed at number four on Netlifx’s Top 10. L.A.’s Finest is the spinoff series of the Bad Boy films. The show is about the main character Sydney Burnett, who is a drug enforcement agent, and follows her on her journey through hunting down bad guys, as she now works for the Los Angeles Police Department. It is a great show for crime lovers!

Bling Empire is placed at the number five spot on Netflix’s Top 10. It is a reality TV show that focuses on the lives of wealthy Asian and Asian-American socialites. It is based in the Los Angeles area and is described as real-life Crazy Rich Asians.

Lupin takes the sixth spot on Netflix Top 10. When people hear the title, they assume that the story would focus on a character named Lupin. Instead, the show focuses on Assane Lupin Diop (Sy), a daring thief in contemporary France. He has a son, an estranged ex-wife, and a bearded best friend who serve as a fence for his stolen goods. This show is great for people who enjoy the thrill that is formed by thief.

In the number seven spot on Netflix’s Top 10 is Cobra Kai, the spinoff show of The Karate Kid movies. The show focuses on Johnny and a boy named Miguel. After Johnny lost the tournament, his life went downwards. Viewers watch Johnny build his life back up by teaching karate to Miguel. Miguel has just moved into town and he has a massive crush on the school’s “it-girl”, Samantha, who just so happens to be Daniel LaRusso’s daughter. To learn how to defend himself against school bullies, Johnny teaches Miguel how to fight back. 

In the number eight spot is Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio. This is a show about the singer Jenni Rivera’s autobiography “Inquebrantable”, and several testimonies from family members and close friends. This series follows her on her road to fame. This includes her early life all the way to her tragic death. This show is in Spanish. Fortunately, people can use English CC to watch the show if they don’t know Spanish. 

Daughter from Another Mother takes number nine on the list. Daughter from Another Mother is a show about two mothers, Mariana and Ana, whose babies were switched four months after they gave birth. The obvious next step would be to switch the babies back, but this proves to be difficult, because both mothers have bonded with the others baby. 

In the number ten spot is the kids show Cocomelon. The show is a story about children in a nursery who are learning rhymes and share kid-friendly stories. These rhymes and stories prove to be a great way for young children to learn. 

Netflix’s Top 10 is a great way to provide more show and movie options to people of all ages. Viewers can now find something that sparks their interest in an easier way than just scrolling through the suggested section. The next time you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, take advantage of this feature to see what viewers are loving most on the platform.