The best Netflix shows and movies

Hope Martin, Reporter

When people are stressed and need to get away from the chaos of daily routines, they watch TV shows and movies. Netflix is the place most people mainly go to when they are craving something to watch. Netflix has a top ten list, making it easier for viewers to find the shows that are getting the most views. 

Ginny & Georgia takes the number one spot on the top ten list, as of March 1. This show is rated TV-14 because of self-harm, language, and sexual themes. The story focuses on the two main characters, Georgia and Ginny. Georgia became pregnant with Ginny at the age of fifteen. Georgia is now thirty and Ginny is fifteen. The family has been moving for all of Ginny’s life and have never settled down for too long because Georgia is always running from a nasty breakups. Ginny has finally moved to a place where she feels that she belongs. Not only does she have a group of friends for the first time, but she also has a great boyfriend. Oh, and we can’t forget the other guy in the love triangle: Ginny’s best friend’s brother. The end of season one leaves viewers with a massive cliffhanger, so be prepared to be in agony until the second season comes out.

In the number two spot ise the movie Bigfoot Family. This movie is rated TV-Y7 for fear and language. Bigfoot has become very popular. When he goes missing, his son Adam, who is shy and tech-savvy, must take on an evil CEO, who is trying to take control of the wildlife preserve, to save his family and a wildlife preserve.

Taking the number three spot, is the movie I care a lot. This movie is rated-R because of language throughout and some violence. This show is about a court-appointed legal guardian, Marla Grayson, who is now taking care of the senior woman, Jennifer Peterson. Both Jennifer and Marla must learn how to cope with this new person in their lives. This movie is great if you like drama.

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan is placed at number four on the list. This show is rated TV-MA because of violence, nudity, suicide, and gore. This show is a documentary about the power struggles of war in 16th century Japan. There are people that reenact the wars and those who commentate. They show viewers the hard times and the fun times that the soldiers went through. 

In the number five spot was the show Behind Her Eyes. This show is rated TV-MA because of sex, nudity, language, and smoking. This show is a limited series based off of the best selling novel, “Behind Her Eyes,” by Sarah Pinborough. The series is about a single mother who comes to a new town to start a new life. She immediately forms feelings for her boss and they have an affair. While in this relationship, she is also secretly befriending his mysterious wife. This show is full of twisted mind games. This is definitely for viewers who enjoy a good mystery and drama. 

Taking the number six spot is the famous Nickelodeon show iCarly. This show is rated TV-G because of suggestive dialogue. iCarly is making a comeback now that Netflix has put it on its platform. The show is about 13 year-old Carly who creates a webshow with her best friend Sam and her neighbor Freddie. They want to break free of the binding control of adults. This webshow is the perfect way for them to do it, and together they become internet sensations. This addition to Netflix is perfect for teenagers and young adults to revisit their childhood. 

The show Canine Intervention takes number seven on the top ten list. This show is rated TV-PG. Jas Leverette is a Oakland dog trainer that works with a range of canines and owners. He uses different training methods to teach the canines and the owners how to work together. This is the perfect show for animal lovers. 

In the number eight spot is Good Girls. This show is rated TV-MA for language. Good Girls  is about three suburban moms; Annie, Beth, and Ruby. The three mothers orchestrate a local grocery store heist to escape their financial issues and learn independence together. This show is great if you love a good comedy. 

Taking the number nine spot is the show Firefly Lane. This show is rated TV-MA because of sex, sexual violence, language, and smoking. The show is based on the two main characters, Tully and Kate. They have been best friends since they were kids and are still friends in their 40s. They have been there for eachother for the good times and the bad. However, as they get older, more and more issues begin to present themselves. These issues range from new-found fame to both girls having a crush on the same guy. Will they still be able to stick together through these hardships or will they just decide that it is too much?

The show Cocomelon still takes the tenth spot. This show is rated TV-Y. Cocomelon show is based around children in a nursery who are learning rhymes and share kid-friendly stories. These rhymes and stories prove to be a great way for young children to learn and stay entertained. 

Netflix has proven to be amazing once again by giving us this new feature. Whenever you are bored and looking for a new show or movie to watch, you can search the top ten list. The list changes every week with the most watched shows and movies, so new options will always be presenting themselves.