A lacrosse season like no other

Connor Bernier, Reporter

The Bellefonte girls lacrosse team recently kicked off their season with practice and is looking forward to the months to come. Ever since losing their season last year due to the pandemic, the girls have been eager to get back on the field. The season will hopefully run as normal with all COVID-19 pandemic  precautions taken and safety measures followed as the team is on track for a successful season.

The senior players this year are especially eager to play after losing a whole year of experience due to the pandemic, then coming back for their last year on the team, which can definitely cause some concern. 

“I definitely think the loss of last season will have an impact on us. It’s been almost two years since any of us have played in a game. Although, I am impressed with how practice has been going,” senior Shea Kelley said. 

Shea also talked about how she will miss the little things that made her experience great.

“I’m going to miss all my friends on the team most, but the bus rides and dance parties too.” 

Shea is not the only senior to feel this way; another fellow senior, Kasie Miller, shared her thoughts on the impacts of last season. 

“The loss of our spring season last year was very difficult because we haven’t had a chance to play with the younger players. We also haven’t had a chance to get many off-season opportunities to make up for the lost time,” Kasie said.

Even with the negative setbacks of the pandemic, the team has managed to find fun and hopefulness for this spring season. Some other underclassmen players shared their thoughts as well. Junior Kayle Frantz is eager to get back on the field and play again as a team, hoping to hone in and improve her skills as the varsity team’s goalie.

“I am looking forward to playing games this season because we lost that opportunity last year. My goal this year is to have more saves in goal, I am also hoping to improve on my agility so that I can stop harder shots,” Kayle said.

Along with Kayle, fellow teammate and junior, Molly Mckee shared her goals and hopes for her junior season, 

“This season I am looking forward to having our best year with all the upperclassmen and new coming players, and overall just play, because we didn’t get to last year. My main goal for this season is to succeed more as a team and improve our record.”

The season will definitely be one to watch and one to remember as the girls take on the pandemic with Raider pride and a team family connection.