KB in the spotlight

Allison Ivicic, Photo Editor

From twirling to leading the student body, senior Kaitlyn Berkey does it all. Kaitlyn is involved in multiple school clubs while holding an officer position in each. She is secretary of the S.A.D.D club, president of the Student Council, and editor of Yearbook. Kaitlyn is also a member of the Class Cabinet. 

“I enjoy being in clubs because I feel like I can help cultivate a positive environment,” Kaitlyn said. 

Kaitlyn dedicates a lot of her time to help produce the school’s yearbook. It is a very tedious and demanding task that she fulfills with leadership skills. Business teacher and yearbook advisor Mr. Andrew Weigold has worked with Kaitlyn over the past three years. He admires that people follow her lead and listen to her ideas. 

“Kaitlyn has grown over the years in many ways. She wasn’t necessarily shy before but now she knows how to take charge and can control a room with her knowledge and tone,” Mr. Weigold said. 

Aside from her involvement in clubs, she is actively involved in the M Twirling Team. Kaitlyn has been twirling ever since she could walk. M is a local twirling group that has twirlers all from across the country. Kaitlyn has had the opportunity to make lifelong friendships through her time twirling. 

“Twirling has given me so many amazing opportunities. My favorite part has been being able to make friends from all over the country,” she said.

After high school, Kaitlyn hopes to keep twirling in her life as well as being involved in her community. She will be attending The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) with a major in Psychology. 

“Growing up right next to Penn State I saw the pride and tradition at PSU, and I knew I wanted to be part of that,” Kaitlyn said.

Aside from the school spirit Penn State has to offer, the university will give her so many new and amazing opportunities. 

“I look forward to having new opportunities and furthering my education. I hope to get involved in THON, as it is something I have enjoyed doing at the high school,” she said.

Mr. Weigold would love to see Kaitlyn continue her photography while in college. There is always a good reason to take pictures and experiencing the photography world out of the yearbook program will benefit her in her future endeavors. 

“I am excited for her to go on to college and dive deeper into her passion as a photographer, which is a detailed-oriented skill that will aid her in her future profession. I am excited for her to see her plan evolve as she takes these next steps in her life,” Mr. Weigold said. 

English teacher and co-advisor of Student Council Miss Jennifer Richardson has seen Kaitlyn grow over the years. Kaitlyn was previously treasurer of the Student Council, but now she is the club’s president. She takes on a lot of responsibility and leadership that does not go unnoticed. These qualities guarantee a successful future for Kaitlyn.

“Kaitlyn is going to be a powerhouse in any field she chooses.  She is so creative and bright, and even the sky isn’t her limit,” Miss Richardson said. 

In Kaitlyn’s downtime, she loves to spend time with her family and friends and watch her favorite sports teams. Kaitlyn also likes going to all the school events that are held. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hard to attend the few events that are being held, but she is treasuring the memories already made. 

As much as she has given to the school, the school has given her friendships and the atmosphere to grow and develop. 

“I enjoy being able to learn something new every day and making connections with people,” Katlyn said. 

Kaitlyn is a great friend to fellow senior Kira Watson. Kira can always count on her to be there, no matter what it is – even a fun coffee or food run. 

“Kaitlyn is such a caring and trustworthy friend. It is so easy to talk to her about anything and she will always be there,” Kira said.