Surprise Sister: another scandal

Lily Wichert, Copy Editor

Social media influencer James Charles is recently under heat from the public eye, due to his involvement in a new controversy. A 16 year-old girl recently made allegations against 21-year-old James Charles on social media apps, including TikTok and Twitter, with another minor backing this user up on the claims made in the tweet. Both of the minors claimed that Charles responded to their private messages with inappropriate pictures. Charles immediately took the issue to his Twitter, to release a message to his 7.9 million followers, and various people were quick to respond. 

While all of the claims are still alleged, it is believed that James Charles added both minors on another social media app, Snapchat, to get to know each of them in-depth. Allegedly, Charles called both of the minors romantic names, and asked for scandalous pictures. When the male minor denied Charles the ability to this kind of relationship, Charles later deleted him off of snapchat, simply because he would not send any inappropriate images.

With the eruption of another scandal, many people are accusing the alleged victims of “clout chasing,” a term used to describe people releasing possibly false information for attention on social media. Charles has been the center of various scandals in the past year, and it seems that this scandal has caused many to lose their love for the popular makeup Guru. He lost many subscribers after the incident was released. 

On February 26, Charles released a statement via his twitter page, addressing the situation that has grabbed the attention of millions on various social media platforms. 

“I would never knowingly engage with anyone underage and put my life on the line for a few Snapchats…I am not trying to get out of what happened,” Charles said. 

Charles’ argument for the allegations was that he was unaware the boy was a minor, after the fan had allegedly told Charles that he was 18. Regardless, fans are more upset about the fact that Charles would engage in an intimate relationship with random fans, regardless of their age. 

Another popular YouTuber, Trisha Paytas, was quick to jump on the issue, releasing various tweets and TikToks claiming the new information was not surprising, and even calling out his return to the internet weeks after the situation, acting as if nothing had happened. With the severity of the claims made against Charles, many fans are upset about his return to social media without any proper apology.

With the idea of cancel culture becoming more and more prominent in our society, millions of people are watching social media influencers closely, holding them accountable for any of their questionable actions. With many other influencers, including Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson having similar accusations made against them, the next few weeks will be telling as to the future of James Charles.